Frequently Asked Questions About Overnight Camps

How do I know when my child is ready for overnight camp?

Don’t judge your child entirely on the basis of age. While many regard 7 years and older to be the magic age for sleepaway camp, there are a number of other factors to consider.

Take clues directly from your child. Ask straight – is s/he interested in going to sleepaway camp? Personality plays a major role too. Some children prefer to stay close to home, while others are always planning visits and sleepovers at a friend.

If your child shows hesitant interest, be positive and discuss the amazing experience and advantages that sleepaway camp has to offer!

When should I begin my search for overnight camp?

If you’re interested in touring camp while it’s in session, then you may have to begin your research as much as one and a half years in advance. Be forewarned that camp tours for prospective families can fill up surprisingly fast. As soon as you know which camp you’re interested in, book your spots!

Both parents and children gain a lot by viewing the summer camps live. There’s no other way to get a feel for the true spirit of camaraderie in a camp. It’s also the only means to observe the level of supervision and genuine staff involvement.

Keep in mind that registering your child a year in advance may grant additional bonuses. Not only do you avoid the risk of losing out due to enrollment closing early in the year, but many camps also offer “early bird specials,” with tuition incentives. Remember – no matter when you begin your search, our experts will be there to assist and advise you at every step.

Are there different types of sleepaway camps?

The basic breakdown of sleepaway camps falls into 3 categories: Traditional Sleepaway Camps, Specialty Summer Camps, and Special Needs Camps.

Traditional Sleepaway Camps are known for providing a wide variety of non-stop fun and action. Days and nights are often packed with activities, such as land and team sports, adventure challenges, arts and crafts, water sports instruction, drama productions and more. These summer camps and teen programs can be either coed, boys’ camps, girls’ camps, or “brother-sister camps,” which are mixed gender yet feature separate campuses and facilities.

Specialty Summer Camps are designed to highlight, develop and enjoy a particular interest, such as performing arts, fine arts, sports, or academic and travel programs. The entire site and camp schedule revolves around the selected pursuit or leisure activity.

Special Needs Camps meet the distinct requirements of a wide range of children. An invigorating and entertaining outdoor summer experience is created for the campers, while also ensuring a beneficial, therapeutic environment.

What factors should I consider when selecting summer overnight camps?

– Type of Program: Be sure to clarify the style of daily structure at each camp; the range of program types may astound you! Different children need different levels of structure in order to enjoy camp and thrive. Some camps offer totally flexible programs where campers select the majority of their daily activities. Yet other camps are fully structured, providing an organized pre-determined schedule with a few elective activities mixed in.

– Duration: Camp sessions can last anywhere from 1 week to 7 weeks. Sessions that are too short may leave your child disgruntled and longing for more. Sessions that are too long may lead to camp burnout. Think about what amount of time is ideal for your child to have the best summer experience.

– Location: Camp environment is linked closely to geographic region. Physical location will often affect physical comfort levels, and not all campers are tough enough to rough it out! Also, keep in mind that while distance from home may be an issue with regard to travel time, it bears little relation to homesickness!

– Cost: Traditional sleepaway summer camps range in price from $850 to over $2000 per week. Remember to inquire about ‘extras’, such as laundry, canteen, trips or transportation – they may or may not be included in camp tuition. Specialty summer camps run generally $1400 and up.

How do I choose the right summer overnight camp for my child?

Talk to us. We, The Camp Experts & Teen Summers, will help you recognize your family’s needs and then point you towards the right camps. We’ve developed a massive directory of accurate summer camp info, and we have a firm grasp on the available programs.

When it comes time for you make an informed choice for your child, let us share our knowledge with you! Our advisory services are provided free of charge.

Middle School

It’s called middle for a reason. If your child has been to sleep away camp, but is ready for a change, or prefers to specialize in an area of interest, there are programs in all areas from A to Z. If they have never left home and this is a first experience, a camp that offers an easy entre for a new camper is crucial.

The Camp Experts & Teen Summers has updated comprehensive info about teen tours, teen travel and many other teen summer experiences that are age appropriate for your middle schooler. We’re pleased to acquaint you with the choices and help guide your children into their ideal summer program.

Whatever your young teen desires, we will work with you personally to locate the summer camp or teen program that suits your family – in the right location, for the right time and at the right price. We will help you choose from hundreds of teen summer programs In North America & around the world including:

*Summer Teens, Teen Travel and Teen Tours
*Outdoor Adventure
*Pre-College Study Programs (College Credit) & SAT Prep
*Community Service
*Study in USA
*Specialty Sports, Arts, Theater and Music Summer Programs
*Study Abroad
*Nutrition and Weight Control
*Language and Cultural Immersion
*Teen Camps
*Remedial Study and Special Needs

Your child is unique. Let us assist you in finding the right overnight summer camp or teen program. Together, we will find the overnight camps that will provide your child with a lifetime of positive summer camp memories! Contact us.
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