10 Reasons to Encourage Your Teen to Try an Overnight Camp

Do you want your teenager to learn to be independent, easy to work with, and sociable?

If you went to summer camp when you were younger, you might remember it as one of the most enjoyable times of your life. There, you learned to take the lead, made friends, and had tons of fun.

Enroll your teen in an overnight camp to gain all these things and more. Even if you didn’t go to summer camp, have your teenager attend at least one summer camp program. Why?

Keep reading below for the top 10 benefits of summer camp for your teen.

1. Give Them Time to Grow

Let’s begin with one of the biggest benefits of overnight camp: personal growth. Putting your kids in a summer camp program will give them a chance to find themselves. They’ll get a better sense of identity and a clearer view of their life goals.

Camp takes them out of their daily routines and puts them in a quieter environment. This gives them time to look deeper into themselves and realize a few things. They can also come to this realization through activities and fellowship.

2. It Encourages Exercise

Are you worried about your teenager’s health and fitness? The National Center for Health Statistics found that 17% of US children and adolescents are obese. More summer camp benefits include boosting the fitness of the campers.

Summer camp offers recreational sports like swimming and biking. Often, camps also have obstacle races where teens must climb ropes and nets, balance on logs, and more. In a sports camp, kids are likely to enjoy learning more about the sport and join the activities.

3. They Learn to Overcome Challenges at Overnight Camp

Another importance of summer camp is that it teaches lifelong skills like resilience. Many overnight camps have challenges teens need to overcome. If your child doesn’t overcome the challenge the first time, the camp encourages him to try again and again.

This kind of repetition teaches your child about resiliency and determination. They learn that it’s about giving the effort and having the drive to reach a goal. This kind of skill is important in the long-run and when they become professionals.

4. Camp Offers a Community of Peers

Do you have friends you met at summer camp that you still stay in contact with? If you do, you know the importance of finding and connecting with people during this time away from home. For many kids and teens, their peers are the most important people they need to impress.

Putting them in summer camp will have them meet a variety of other people from all around the country. Sometimes, they might even meet those who come from other countries. Your teens will learn that there are other people out there who they can connect with better.

A co-camper may even turn out to be the BFF your teenager never had.

5. They Get Time Away From Life Worries

Now, teenagers seem to deal with a lot of worries and life problems. These issues can be social pressure, problems with family, school work, and more. Give them time to enjoy their youth away from these worries.

Enroll your child in an overnight camp program where he or she can feel like a kid again. Remember, adulthood will demand more from them soon. Help them de-stress for the summer before they go back and face reality.

6. Prepare Them to Become Independent

Are you worried that your teen won’t be ready to leave the nest when the time comes? Send them to camp where they can get time for themselves. While your teen is away, you can take time for yourself and enjoy summer the way you want to.

While at camp, your teenagers will realize what it’ll be like to live away from you. They’ll learn to decide for themselves and become more independent. Summer camp even guides teens toward making the decisions that are right for them.

7. They Meet Positive Role Models 

Teenage years are a time when peer pressure feels strongest. It’s also a time when the kids start looking for role models to follow. One of the benefits of camp is it lets your child meet positive role models that can impact his or her life.

Camp counselors and staff make sure your child has an amazing summer. Part of their job is to show them what a positive and good adult is. Thus, camps encourage the culture of respect and kindness in everyone.

8. Have Them Try Something New

Teenagers always want to experience new things and go on fresh adventures. If your teenager is the daring, adventurous type, put them in summer camp. Teens who are new to overnight summer camp will find they’re missing out on a lot of things.

That includes trying new things and activities they’ll never find anywhere else. Camps know how teens and adolescents can be adventurous. Thus, they create games and activities that the kids will enjoy while staying safe.

9. They Learn to Work With Others

Do you want your child to learn how to take the lead when needed? To do that, your teen first needs to learn how to work well with others. Do you want your teenager to learn the value of working with others?

Overnight summer camp teaches teamwork and leadership. It has a lot of activities where your kid figures out how they can work well with others to reach a goal. These activities are some of the many ways how teens develop self-esteem too.

10. They Make a Connection With Nature

Now, it’s rare for kids and teens to connect with nature. A study says 62% of US teenagers spend over 4 hours on screens. Fewer (29%) teens spend over eight hours a day in front of screens.

Those raised in the city are especially clueless about navigating in natural environments. Have your child to connect with nature by enrolling them in summer camp. They may resist it at first, but they’ll come to miss it once they’re back home.

Give Your Teenager a Chance to Grow in Summer Camp

Before they agree to it, your child may ask you, what is summer camp like? It’ll be more than a fun and memorable time in their lives. It’s going to develop their lifelong skills, and they end up becoming better versions of themselves.

That’s it for our guide on the benefits of encouraging your teens to go to overnight camp. Share this information about the top benefits of summer camps with your teenager.

If you have any questions, talk to us or request information on summer camps.

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