7 Awesome Health Benefits of Attending an Adventure Camp

In today’s technological world, human connection is dwindling. Though the act of engaging in social media may seem social, it is, in fact, quite isolating for the youth of today.

Many experts argue that social media engagement is stunting the social growth of our younger generation. And many parents would most likely agree.

One of the best ways to counteract this tether to the digital world is with adventure camp for teens. Here they will learn the value of real human interaction and grow in many personal and inter-personal ways.

Learn more about the amazing benefits of sending your teen to adventure camp for the summer…

7 Personal Benefits of Adventure Camp for Teens

In a nutshell, sending your kids to adventure camp allows them to grow and learn how to become a decent citizen of the world.

Adventure camp fosters an environment which allows for social integration, social development, and personal development. It gives your child the chance to explore their full potential and their own capabilities in a safe, caring environment.

Here are 7 more benefits of teen camp:

1. Builds on Social Skills 

Essentially, an adventure camp is a community away from home. It allows your teens to work together, build relationships, and manage conflict. This is all done with the aid of experienced camp mentors.

Through these exercises, your child learns to manage group dynamics. This is encouraged by bartering, acting with empathy, and providing support where necessary.

All of these important social skills build a strong character which is essential in adult life and in roles of leadership.

2. Encourages Healthy Living 

Research by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that the obesity rate among teens in the U.S. has quadrupled over the past three decades. This staggering rate of unhealthy, sedentary living can negatively impact the course of a child’s life.

Adventure camp is a place of physical activity and encourages a healthy way of life. This is done with regular exercise, time outdoors, and healthy eating. Teens are encouraged to keep busy and stay active, while also taught the value of preparing, cooking, and even growing their own food.

3. Curbs Summer Learning Loss 

Yes, adventure camp is focused on physical, outdoor activities that help build on your child’s social interaction. But it is also focused on building other important aspects which are necessary and valuable in everyday life. This includes reading comprehension, spelling skills, and math skills.

Research shows that many children tend to lose as much as two-months worth of grade-level learning over the summer. In other words, their learning skills tend to go backward.

To help curb this learning loss, adventure camp focuses on opportunities to build on learning at every opportunity. This includes technology, engineering, math, problem-solving, writing, reading, and the arts.

4. Builds Up Self-Esteem 

While a large part of summer camp is about improving yourself as an individual, it also shifts the focus away from your teen onto caring for others. In essence, this teaches your child how to become a little more selfless in their everyday life. And it also teaches them the value of being a team player.

Camp focuses on exercises focused on goal setting, conflict resolution, and overcoming challenges. This helps to improve your child’s own self-confidence. It also allows gives them a chance to form a stronger sense of their own individuality and self-worth.

Both children and adults build up their self-esteem by challenging their fears and accomplishing something they thought they couldn’t. This is exactly what is encouraged and achieved at adventure camp.

5. Teaches the Value of Play

Today’s technological world is creating a nation of disengaged and unsociable youth. The value of outdoor play and exploration is no longer as highly valued or prioritized in today’s society.

Adventure camp encourages children to immerse themselves in their natural setting. It allows them to get outdoors, away from social media, and explore at will.

Whether it’s completing a long run, climbing a hill, or zip-lining through the forest, this fosters a sense of accomplishment and achievement. This also works to build-up self-esteem and confidence.

Additionally, this natural rush of adrenaline cannot be duplicated in any virtual setting. So this helps your child to build a positive relationship between themselves and the outside world.

6. Builds on Leadership Skills 

Every parent wants their child to succeed, whether they are a natural-born leader or not. This being said, adventure camp is a great way to build on leadership skills and bring out your child’s natural instinct.

Camp achieves two things at once- it allows your kids to be kids in a safe, comfortable environment. And it also allows them to solve interesting problems – separating the leaders from the followers.

7. Increases Your Child’s Friend Circle 

Finally, and most importantly, adventure camp is a great way for your child to build new, life-long friendships.

Many of the activities at adventure camp encourage kids to openly communicate and rely on one another. This helps to build trust, thereby crossing over the line from acquaintance to friend.

Making real-life friendships is super important in today’s day and age where the true meaning of friendship is becoming blurred due to virtual reality. In essence, adventure camp allows you child to make real friends, and not just ”add them”.

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