7 Incredible Benefits of STEM Summer Camps

In recent years we’ve seen a drastic change in the skills that we will need in the future. How do we give our children the best chance of success? We’ve drilled it down to our top 7 benefits of STEM summer camp. Keep reading to find out what they are.

The United States is currently ranked 49th in the world in terms of math and science education. It seems that we need some help in creating enthusiasm and support for the subjects that are changing the world.

That’s where STEM learning has made leaps and bounds in the past few years as we scramble to create an enjoyable and beneficial learning environment for kids.

STEM summer camps are an educational but fun-filled way to engage your child in a lifelong love of learning. We’re going to tell you why.

Benefits of STEM Summer Camp for Your Child

STEM bridges the ethnicity and gender gaps traditionally found in math and science subjects. The idea is to create an inclusive ability-agnostic way of teaching that gives your child a passion for learning.

The main benefits of STEM learning are:

1. It Nurtures Problem Solving Skills

Creative problem solving is one of the top soft skills needed by today’s employers. It’s never too early to start building that skill. Instead of learning information to memorize for a test, your child will be analyzing situations and trying different methods to find a solution.

Practicing this approach to different problems at camp helps them to learn the process and put it into action.

2. STEM Camp Allows Them to Apply Their Knowledge

One of the biggest shifts in learning is that we’ve seen education adapt to the differing needs of children. We learn in different ways and the hands-on approach of a STEM camp relates to this.

Your child is not only learning new information every day but they are also applying that knowledge in a practical way that supports greater recall and understanding. Gone are the days of reading long passages in books and paraphrasing notes to learn new things.

3. It Fosters Creativity and Innovation

There are lots of ways to foster creativity in your child but STEM does this in a way that links creative thinking to innovation. Prepare your child to think outside the box as they connect science, tech, engineering, and math to discover lots of possibilities.

Creativity in STEM leads to so many different interests and ideas and your child can find the topics and activities that engage them.

4. It Helps Your Child to Love Learning

We’ve all been to school and we know the drill. As school gets more challenging it can take away some of the interest for children. STEM summer camp mixes education and fun with peers to really encourage a love of learning.

By showing your child that learning can be fun and exciting, you set them up to enjoy their education.

5. They Learn to Work in a Team

Being away for summer camp allows your child to develop stronger social skills with their peers, independent of parents. The idea of sharing responsibility for a project teaches them collaboration and communication skills which are vital.

The mixture of skill sets within a group enables your child to learn more effectively as children express and explain their thinking and findings. They will learn that communication is the key to discovering and taking the right actions to find a solution.

6. STEM Encourages Experiments and Perseverance

One of the incredible benefits of STEM education is the emphasis on failure being a good thing. Instead of focusing on memorizing the right answer, your child will be shown to try different approaches until they find a solution.

Your child will learn to take risks and learn from a failed attempt. That way a challenge becomes a good thing as they move towards the correct solution.

This resilience will benefit your child as they progress through the education system as they connect the idea of perseverance with success. This really shows them that if you don’t get something right immediately, you can still learn it.

7. Your Child Will Experience Deeper Learning

As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, the different approaches to learning information support your child understanding the concepts on a deeper level rather than just memorizing.

Your child will understand how things work and relate to each other after learning in a hands-on way. As they engage and apply what they have learned, the information is absorbed in a more meaningful way.

Your Child’s Journey to Love Learning

By the end of summer, your child will have developed the key skills to enjoy their learning journey and a passion for key subjects.

STEM is crucial for the United States to remain a world leader in the fields of technology and innovation. By arming your child with these skills you allow them to feel comfortable in an ever-adapting world.

Perhaps your child will be innovating with ideas we can only dream of right now. The only way we know is to provide them with the skills to think outside the box and apply their knowledge to different projects.

Knowing the benefits of STEM learning in a social and fun environment, would you be interested in learning more about hi-tech camp options? Find out more and contact a special camp advisor today.

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