7 Things You Can Finally Do While You Have Your Kids at Overnight Camp

No one will blame you for wanting a quiet moment away from your children. Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to sit back and relax with your spouse or binge watching a new show.

When your kids go to camp, you’ll find you have tons of extra free time you didn’t even know was possible. Your kids will probably think your life is sad and empty without them.

Little do they know you’ve been looking forward to this for months.

What fun things can you do while you have your kids at overnight camp? Here are some ideas to jump-start your adventure.

1. Stay at Home

Sometimes there’s nothing better than staying at home and enjoying some peace and quiet. While your kids are away, your home is free of noise and distractions.

You can lie down on the couch and take a nap without the fear someone will walk up and say, “Have you seen my left shoe?”

There are so many things you can do when you stay at home without kids. You can enjoy a long shower, watch your favorite TV shows, and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.

You can even do them all in the same night! No one is here to bother you unless you have a needy spouse.

2. Have a Night Out With Friends

Just because you’re an adult with kids doesn’t mean you have to let your social life die. It’s probably been a long time since you’ve hung out with Sarah, Mike, and Jesse.

The whole group misses you, and you miss them!

You can go to dinner, have a few adult beverages, and share a few laughs. Having good friends in your life is good for your overall well-being.

Having good friends around can provide you with support, self-esteem boosts, and even keep depression at bay. Give your love and support back to your friends with a night out.

3. Rekindle Some Romance

Have a special someone in your life? When was the last time you two had a good night to yourselves?

When you have kids around, it’s almost too easy to start neglecting your love life. Your lover deserves some attention every once in a while.

And you owe it to yourself!

You two deserve some good time alone together. You can go out to dinner, or you can make dinner at home.

The possibilities are endless for you two to feel young again. Remember there are no little children to walk in on your guys doing your thing.

4. Cleaning Therapy

For some of us, cleaning actually makes us feel in control of our lives. When you have a basketball team of kids running around, your house can turn into a landfill.

Take some time to gather yourself and declutter your house.

Organization has real benefits to your physical and mental health. It can alleviate fatigue, ward off depression, and boost your productivity.

Give your space a refresher. It may not last long once your kids return home, but you should enjoy it while you can.

5. Go for a Run

Don’t underestimate the power of exercise. Exercise can make your mind and body feel so much better.

Do you want your body back? It’s not going to happen if you sit at home doing nothing and eating chips.

Exercise does more than just help you control your weight. Daily exercise can help boost your mood and promote better sleep.

Take the time while your kids are away at overnight camp to get back into a regular exercise routine. This is the perfect time to look after your health.

Get out of the house and go for a run in the nearest nature preserve. If you live by the beach, enjoy the sounds of the ocean while you run.

Speaking of getting in nature:

6. Get Outside!

If you live in suburbia, you know how easy it is to get wrapped up in the grind of everyday life. You might feel like you’re trapped in a perpetual strip mall.

When you send your kids away to overnight camp, you know they’ll be spending quality time in the great outdoors. Kids aren’t the only ones who need to get outside and enjoy the smells and sounds of the woods.

Pack yourself a picnic, grab a few gallons of water, and get in your car. Drive to the nearest mountain trail. Find a thoroughly wooded area.

There is almost nothing better a human’s health and well-being than spending time in nature.

Feel more alive and get outside. Nature is everywhere, so you have no excuse to avoid spending time outside.

7. Work on an Art Project

Arts and craft projects allow you to express some of those pent-up frustrations and desires. Don’t let yourself get lost in the daily grind and forget about your passions. When your kids are away, give yourself time to be creative again.

You don’t have to create a masterpiece. You’re not out here trying to produce the next Mona Lisa or Guernica.

You can create a scrapbook, make a quilt, paint a landscape, and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to art projects.

When your kids get back, you can show off your creations to your children and have a competition. “Who had more fun while you were away at camp?”

Maybe that isn’t the best thing to do, but at least you got some quality time to yourself.

Kids at Overnight Camp? Take Care of Yourself

While you have kids at overnight camp this summer, take the time to yourself. There is no one way to do this.

This list offers only a few possibilities. Go for a run, treat yourself to a date, or clean the house.

It may seem difficult at first while your kids are away, but you’ll soon look forward to it every year. Use the time to get back into the routines and activities that make you feel better about yourself.

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