7 Ideas for Inexpensive Date Nights While Your Kids Are at Sleepaway Camp

One of the best parts about sending the kids away to summer camp is the precious time spent alone with the one you love. Take advantage of it with these ideas for inexpensive date nights!

We cut costs, not fun, in these creative activities for married couples to do together. Whether you’re looking for a night of laughter or a romantic getaway, you’ll discover something on our list that will pique your interest and help you plan a few couple’s nights you won’t soon forget.

Our Top 7 Ideas for Inexpensive Date Nights

We get it. Booking summer camps for the kids can really drain your wallet. Yet with a little bit of creativity, pinching pennies while having fun is very possible.

The key is pinpointing those little moments you miss the most. Perhaps it’s finding time to talk one-on-one, the privacy you never get after you have kids, or reigniting the sense of adventure you two never truly stopped craving.

Whatever it is that makes you tick, you can celebrate it together. Use these tips to get the ideas flowing, then plan out a string of dates in celebration of the love that brought you together.

1. A Home-Cooked Dinner for Two

What would you consider you and your spouse’s favorite meal? Look up a recipe for it, then pick up the ingredients from your local grocery store and make plans to cook it together.

There is something intimate and playful about working together in the kitchen. The teamwork brings you closer together with your spouse while providing an activity geared toward bonding.

Have fun with it, and then sit down together for a private evening meal over candlelight. It’s a simple plan, but also the perfect recipe for laughter, romance, and reconnecting.

2. A Night on the Green

When was the last time you played mini golf? Perhaps this is the perfect time to relive your childhood vacation thrills with a special round between you and your other half.

Make an evening out of it by grabbing ice cream afterward and enjoying the cool treat while basking in the summer breeze. You’ll start to feel like a kid yourself after a couple of hours–in a good way, of course!

3. Catch up on a New Movie or Old Classic at Home

Never underestimate the value of a good snuggle fest on the couch. Grab popcorn from the store, pick up a movie from Redbox, or simply turn on Netflix and find a title you’ll both enjoy.

4. Plan a Weekend Camping Trip

Do the two of you need to get away and live a little? Plan a camping trip!

Camping trips are great for making the most out of a tight budget. Lodging in a tent is quite inexpensive, plus there is plenty of adventure to uncover all around you.

Go hiking to discover wildlife and breathtaking views.

Cast a few lines in a nearby lake and see what you catch.

Wait for nightfall and go stargazing together.

You’ll find the close proximity with nature will melt away your stress and bring you both closer together.

5. Explore Your Own Backyard

When was the last time you really explored the city you’re closest to? Are there any museums, galleries, stores, or aquariums you’ve seen, but never stepped through their doors?

Go online and map out several places nearby that you’ve seen but never found time to experience, then plan a date that revolves around uncovering those places as a couple.

You’d be surprised how affordable a city excursion can be. Book a show at the local theater, which is often much cheaper than concerts or broadway. Find a quaint cafe for coffee or a light meal. Find a park to take a stroll in.

Give yourself a map to explore so you never run out of ideas on where to go next.

The point is to get out and do something you’ve never done before. New experiences are good for relationships and for the soul, so don’t be afraid to branch out and try something you haven’t dared to before.

6. A Picnic in the Park

Looking for something more low key and romantic? A picnic in the park will certainly do the trick.

Plan ahead by packing a cozy blanket and your favorite lunch foods. Make sure they aren’t anything that needs to be heated before eating. A cooler can be used for cold drinks or food dishes.

Don’t forget to check the weather beforehand, too! Picnics are best on sunny days that are neither too hot nor too cold. Scout out a place in a nearby park that isn’t too busy, but has a nice view and shade if you need it.

Then disconnect from technology and enjoy time together.

7. Take a Drop-In Class Together

You’ve likely seen them before: various cooking, painting, or yoga classes with a twist that is perfect for beginners and just exotic enough to seem adventurous.

Sign up for one of these classes together. It doesn’t have to be something you’re familiar with either. Choosing a drop-in class or session that you both agree would be interesting or funny to experience together.

You’ll not only have a night to talk about, but you may even learn something new!

Take Advantage of Other Tips from the Experts

Inexpensive date nights aren’t the only things to think about when your kids go off to camp. There are many details to figure out as well as challenges your kids might face when spending an extended period of time away from home.

Find peace of mind with our blog, which is chock full of summer camp advice for kids, teens, and parents.

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