9 Benefits Kids Experience When Disconnecting From Technology at Overnight Camp

Children are addicted to the screen.

That’s what the figures suggest, anyway.

In fact, kids up to age 8 spend almost 2.5 hours every day watching a screen. The same source states that between 8 and 12-years-old that number jumps to over 4.5 hours a day. Similarly, teenagers now spend an average of 9 hours a day online.

Isn’t that scary?! Screen-time is pervasive in society. It’s rare to find a child without some form of technology in their hand.

We could all do with a tech detox. But the benefits for kids are often more pronounced.

Overnight camp presents the perfect opportunity to do just that. The outdoors, the camaraderie, the campfires, the physical activity…it’s just good ‘old fashioned’ fun. No screens required. And the rewards are manifold.

Keep reading to discover 9 top benefits children experience from a tech detox at overnight camp.

9 Top Benefits of an Overnight Camp Tech Detox for Kids

Computers, tablets, phones, video games…tech is ubiquitous! Kids (and adults!) love it. But there comes a time when you need to detach from the screen. Kids will enjoy a range of benefits.

Check out 9 of them below.

1. Kids Connect to Real People

The digital world is great.

You can connect with friends, family and loved ones at all times of the day. It makes no difference where you are in the world. It’s an instant connection, all the time.

But is it really a replacement for face-to-face, eye-to-eye contact? Perhaps not.

A tech detox enables your kids to remember what it means to talk and relate to real people! Away from the screen, interactions are of the real, physical kind. This is essential for developing social and interpersonal skills, communicating and empathizing with others.

2. Kids Connect to the Real World

The virtual world is no replacement for the real world.

Or, at least, we’d argue that it shouldn’t be.

Camp offers kids the chance to escape from the graphics and virtual realities in which they often reside. They get back outdoors, into nature. They get dirty, run around, and remember what real play feels like!

3. Kids Steer Clear of Age-Inappropriate Material

A nasty side-effect of constant tech connectivity is the ability to access inappropriate content.

This can be a particular concern for parents trying to protect their children.

The best way to stop it happening? Unplugging from it all. A tech-free overnight camp is kept purely PG. It’s just campfire songs and toasted marshmallows.

4. Kids See that Everyone’s Equal

Most families have some access to technology.

But some kids have the latest models and the fanciest tech. With that comes the envy of the other children. Sad as it is, different financial situations can create a hierarchy among kids.

A tech detox brings everyone to the same level. Everyone’s the same, with no fancy tech to shine a light on the haves and have-nots.

5. Kids Learn the Benefit of Delayed Gratification

Technology is addictive.

It offers instant gratification. The game that rewards your success; the messages from the popular kids, the instant access to everything and anything online.

It’s easy for kids to forget the benefit of delaying gratification. Overnight camp forces kids to work together to common goals, through fun, adventure-filled activities. They have to work to get what they want.

6. Kids Will Feel Happier and Healthier

There’s just no substitute for the great outdoors.

Overnight camp exposes kids to nature. Unplugging from tech means the effects are even more pronounced!

Kids swap darkened rooms and back-lit screens for sunshine and vitamin D. The stimulation of the eyes and mind will come from games, physical exercise, and outdoor activities, rather than violent video games. Kids feel happier and healthier.

7. Kids Will Create Memories

Childhood is a sacred time.

The memories you create in your youth set you up for adulthood. Wouldn’t you rather your children look back on campfires, camaraderie, assault courses, and group games, than hours spent on a screen?

Unplugging at overnight camp offers exactly that.

8. Kids Will Learn Practical Skills

IT skills undoubtedly have a place in the future.

In fact, they’re sure to be in high demand. Children will surely benefit from having a grasp of tech. However, IT isn’t everything. Having practical skills will be a major advantage in life too.

Overnight camp helps kids learn how to build shelters, tie knots, make a campfire, cook their own meals, and so on.

9. Kids Won’t Face Cyber Bullying

Cyber-bullying is another awful product of the tech age.

These days, bullying doesn’t stop at the school gates. There’s no respite. Social media creates abundant opportunities for bullies to keep up their efforts outside of school hours.

Rumors get spread, messages get shared, and photos get sent. Kids who get bullied face a constant barrage of abuse, which can have a serious, negative impact on their well-being.

Disconnecting from it at camp may be exactly the let up they need. It’s a reprieve that can be immensely important. No tech makes it far easier for camp-leaders to stay on-top issues too.

Time to Go to Overnight Camp

There you have it: 9 top benefits kids see during a tech detox at overnight camp.

Children are more attached to their tech than ever before. Hour upon hour is spent connected and in front of a screen, every single day of the week.

Now, tech is an undeniably incredible thing. But for every benefit it offers, there’s an equal and opposite negative. We could all reap the rewards of disconnecting every once in a while! That’s especially true for children who have been raised around a screen.

Kids that unplug from their tech at overnight camps see a host of advantages. Hopefully, the information here has highlighted some of the main ones!

Are you interested in sending your child to a summer camp? No matter where you are in the world, get in touch with a camp expert now to find out more!

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