9 Common Summer Camp Activities Your Children Will Enjoy

There are over 12,000 active camps every day during the summer.

More than half of the camps in the United States are overnight camps. Many last the entirety of summer break, designed to be an alternate means of childcare for working parents. With so many camps, you might be wondering what some common summer camp activities are.

Keep reading for our list of nine common activities to be found at summer camps. There is truly something for everyone!

Summer Camp Activities

There are a vast array of camp activities to be found. Some camps focus more on athletics and outdoor activities. Other places may specialize more in the arts and drama field.

The best part of summer camp is the people. Making friends and gaining self-confidence go hand in hand with the summer camp experience. Instead of staying inside and wasting another summer, get out there and have some fun! Memories made during camp will last a lifetime and prepare your child or teen for life as a successful adult.

Here is our list of the most common activities around.

1. Scavenger Hunt

This is a popular activity at almost all summer camps. Scavenger hunts can be fun and exciting for young children and teens alike. Scavenger hunts are usually team activities where participants are given a list of items to find and a bag in which to put them.

Making friends and exploring the outside are all rewarding bonuses to scavenger hunts. For decades they have been a staple of enjoyable summer camp activities. While it is true that this event truly becomes amazing out in the wilderness, scavenger hunts are great fun anywhere.

2. Obstacle Courses

This involves darting around and over obstacles. Climbing, crawling and running obstacle courses will challenge even athletic campers. They can be done for fun, or as part of a timed competition.

Obstacle courses are so fun that some camps are even designed around them. They do require more space than most camp activities. This can make obstacle courses challenging for smaller camps to offer.

Some of the most famous and popular camps around the country use obstacle courses to teach. Whether it is about self-confidence or pushing yourself, obstacle courses aren’t just for the most athletic.

3. Relay Races

Races come in many forms. One of the most common is the sack race, where children team up and step into large cloth sacks. These can be challenging and fun as it requires balance and coordination with your teammate.

Other types of relay races that might be offered can range from sprints to long-distance jogs. Not only do these events offer fun, but they are also good for you.

4. Tug o’ War

Tug o’ War is a super fun and popular activity. Two teams grab a hold of a rope and pull for all their worth. Tug o’ War builds teamwork and coordination. It can also build a passion for competition as no one likes to lose in Tug O’ War!

Beyond that, they are incredibly entertaining for both participants and spectators alike. Classic camp games like this are often held as part of a full day of activities. Often known as a camp Olympics, the focus of such games is actually more about having fun and teamwork than winning.

5. Painting 

Due to the growing popularity of arts-based camps, painting has become a common fixture at many summer camps. Many activities are simple like painting rocks found around the campsite. These types of activities offer campers a chance to express their artistic side without any pressure.

Both day and overnight art camps are becoming more common. In these camps, your child will have a chance to embrace their artistic side. Even beginners are welcomed at many, so don’t be surprised if your child discovers they are more into art than they thought.

6. Swimming

There is nothing better on a hot day than getting in some cool water. When you do it with dozens of your friends it is even more fun. Whether playing pool games or just splashing around, there is no better way to beat the heat.

Some camps even offer swimming lessons to both beginners and advanced swimmers. If your child has an interest in swimming, either as a fun activity or a sport, this will be sure to help them.

7. Table-Top Games

While most camps are designed around being outside, don’t expect the weather will always allow it. In addition to this, many camps offer table games like chess and checkers. Often these activities are part of a camp-wide tournament.

Card games are also popular at camps. They can be a fun way to socialize and interact with other campers.

Even if your child doesn’t know how to play many table games, they will probably come home wanting to play you. You might want to brush up on your skills before they return!

8. Bucket Toss

This is a game that can take many forms.

The objective is to throw a ball and land it in a bucket. Only it doesn’t need to be a ball or a bucket at all! One popular version of this game is the ring toss, and another uses marshmallows.

A popular event at kids summer camps, this game is almost certainly going to be played by your camper. These activities don’t even require being outside to do.

These games are also good at building hand-eye coordination. As a result, they are popular with many different types of camps. From camps designed around those with special needs to sport camps, your camper will probably see a version of this classic game.

9. Learning

It isn’t just games that are fun at a summer camp.

Activity camps, sports camps, and art camps all offer incredible opportunities to learn while you enjoy your summer. Learning at a camp is geared around having fun while also gaining valuable skills.

Camps with learning included in the fun are all across the United States. Some camps specialize in just one thing, such as a sport or type of performance art. Others focus on a broad spectrum of events and activities planned around multiple subjects.

So Many to Choose From!

With so many camps out there, the possibilities are endless.

Finding the right summer camp activities for your first-time camper is important. Speak to a professional camp counselor today about what you are looking for. They can help make sure you find a camp that meets all your needs.

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