9 Surprising Things Kids Can Learn At Winter Camp

Does your kid spend much time outdoors?

Many children don’t spend enough time outdoors and engaging with nature, according to studies. This is especially a problem during the winter.

But, is it really too cold to go outside? No way, with the right clothes, there are plenty of reasons to go outside in the snow and cold.

Sure, your kids may enjoy summer camp in the sunshine and warmth. However, did you know that you can also send them to winter camp as well?

There are so many life lessons and skills your kids can take away from camp whether it is wintry or warm.

Check out the surprising things kids can learn during the winter camp. Let’s get started!

1. Improved Self-Confidence

Around half of young girls are kept back by low self-esteem. The numbers for boys aren’t much better either.

When you send your kid to winter camp, you may be shocked when they return home. Many kids experience improved self-confidence while on camp.

The first day at winter camp may not be easy. Your kid will need time to settle into the environment. Yet, before you know it, they’ll be loving it.

Learning to make new friends and adjust to different environments is important for building self-confidence.

2. Experience New Sports and Games

Over half of American kids don’t get enough exercise. If you’re concerned that your kid spends too much time indoors, sending them to winter camp can help.

Obesity is a huge problem among kids in the US. You don’t want your child gaining an unhealthy weight from lack of physical activity.

While away on winter camp, you’ll kid will learn lots of new sports and games. They may even be able to continue to play many of these games when they return home as well.

There are also winter sports which your child may never have experienced before. Fancy going skiing on the slopes or jumping on a snowboard to ride the mountains?

3. Discover Independence

You may wonder if you want your child to become independent of you. We understand, they’re your baby and you don’t want them to grow up.

And yet, you know that a child’s independence from their parents is important for development. Many kids are away from their parents for the longest time ever at camp.

This allows them to the opportunity to make decisions by themselves. They will have to look after themselves more at winter camp too.

When your kid learns how to become more independent in a safe environment, they’re more prepared for the real world later on.

4. Pick Up Essential Social Skills

If you permit your kids to spend too much time in front of a screen watching television or playing on tablets, this could affect their social skills later on.

You need to expose your children to other kids. They’ll learn to interact with other people and develop social skills.

They can share stories and play games together to establish friendships. You never know your children may make life long friendships while on winter camp.

5. Exposed to Diversity

When your child goes to school or plays with other kids in the family, they are probably surrounded by children of similar backgrounds.

However, when your child goes to winter camp, they’ll be exposed to diversity. At winter camp, your kid will meet lots of other children from different backgrounds and places.

Research shows that the earlier kids are exposed to diversity, the better. They’ll develop more empathy and acceptance of people who don’t look like them.

6. Never Give Up

There are going to be tough times at winter camp. Your kid may need to conquer challenges along the way.

They need to be able to learn not to give up easily. When the going gets tough, your kid will learn to display determination.

As your kid grows up, they’ll discover that encountering problems is simply part of life. They can learn to be persistent during such moments at winter camp.

7. The Value of Teamwork

How can you expect your kid to form strong relationships with others if they can’t work as a team together?

Sure, they may be independent with a strong personality. But, if they cannot collaborate with others, they’ll struggle with adult life.

At winter camp, the importance of teamwork is always apparent. There are games which cannot be solved by yourself. You need your teammates in order to achieve the goal of the game.

8. Reconnect With Nature

If your family doesn’t live in the countryside, you may not get much opportunity to spend time in nature.

How often does your kid go for a walk in the woods? How many times has your child come to close to wildlife?

Even though the weather may be cold and wintry, you can still enjoy the natural world. With warm clothes, your kid will get to enjoy the ‘great outdoors’.

Developing an attachment to nature from a young age will be an endless gift which keeps on giving for your kid.

9. Learn a New Language

Few Americans can speak a second language. But, from broadening your horizons to keeping a healthy mind, there are many reasons to pick up another language.

Learning languages is extremely hard. Instead of waiting until you’re an adult, it’s much better to start when your still a kid.

The international setting of our winter camps means the chance to pick up another language. Your kid may return to you speaking a whole new language.

Lessons at Winter Camp

Your kid may have already experienced summer camp, or maybe they have never been to summer camp either.

Winter camp is also a lot of fun and adventure. At the same time, your kid can expect to take home a number of valuable lessons from camp.

If you want to know more about winter camp, get in touch for more free information about our winter and summer camps.

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