Boys and Girls: The Top Benefits of Coed Summer Camps for Kids

While the idea of coed summer camp may be daunting for both parents and children, it can actually do your child a world of good.

For example, if your child attends a single-sex school, a coed camp offers the chance to interact with the opposite sex in a healthy, natural way.

Likewise, if your child participates in competitive sport. A coed camp offers the chance to escape the competitive sports atmosphere and have fun while learning important life skills.

If you’re keen to learn more about the benefits of coed summer camps, we highlight it all in this blog…

How Does Coed Summer Camp Work?

Whether you choose to send your child to a single-sex or coed summer camp, both have their own set of benefits. However, some parents may argue that single-sex summer camp is a little too unlike the real world.

What’s most important to remember is that both camp environments are closely supervised over the summer. And they are specifically designed to help your child grow in more ways than one.

A coed summer camp provides an experience of a world that is both balanced and familiar to the world they live in outside of camp.

It’s an integrated experience where boys and girls interact together as they would in the ”real world”.

Essentially, coed summer camp prepares your child for the demands of life. And according to research, preparing your children to perform at their best demands an environment reflective of the real world.

Most coed camps offer interaction between boys and girls which mimics the natural progression of childhood. I.e. younger campers spend most of their time with the same gender, while older campers are more integrated.

A successful coed summer camp should always offer this type of natural journey when it comes to coed interaction.

8 Undeniable Benefits of Coed Summer Camps

Along with some of the above benefits, here are 8 ways coed summer camp can help to develop your child both socially and emotionally:

1. Counters Stereotypes

Research has found that limited interaction between children of the opposite sex contributes to the development of stereotyping between the sexes.

This is because of a lack of first-hand experience in which children learn to develop social skills and draw-up their own conclusions. In short, a lack of interaction between boys and girls may lead to social underdevelopment.

This is where coed summer camps work to counteract this underdevelopment and banish the idea of stereotyping.

2. Mimics Real-World Relationships

As mentioned, coed camp offers children the chance to interact as they would in the real world at relevant stages of childhood. In short, this opens the door for healthy social interaction between the sexes.

This way, your child is able to better understand the opposite gender. They can then build a real-world relationship and much-needed social skills for future development.

3. Builds Respect For the Opposite Sex

In today’s day and age, gender equality is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. And this begins with building equal amounts of respect between the sexes.

Coed summer camps are generally a technology-free zone. This means children learn to interact in a respectful, distraction-free environment. There are no pressures or influences of social media to skew their relationship development.

4. Teaches Caring and Compassion

It’s important for young children to learn that everyone, no matter your gender, is capable of showing compassion for another.

Coed summer camp encourages both genders to express their emotions and show compassion. All while growing together in shared experiences. This helps to develop emotional intelligence and teaches the importance of empathy for all humans- not just the same sex.

5. Builds Self-Confidence Around the Opposite Sex

This is especially helpful for shy young teens who struggle to come out of their shell, but long to develop meaningful relationships.

All types of summer camps are excellent for building self-confidence in children. But coed camp focuses on stripping back social anxiety around the opposite sex. Thereby helping children to feel comfortable amongst one another.

All children are encouraged to participate in a number of activities throughout the summer to build their confidence. These activities are designed to teach them that failure is a part of life and confidence is key to succeeding.

6. Children Learn to Be Responsible

Coed summer camp teaches children of all ages the meaning of responsibility. This is achieved by allowing them to make decisions for themselves. Spending an extended period of time away from home gives your children a chance to grow in this way.

To add to this, coed camp is closely supervised, limiting the time each gender spends with the other. This means your child is encouraged to be responsible by respecting these boundaries.

7. Teaches Communication Skills

Summer camp is a technology-free zone. This way, children are encouraged to socially interact with one another, face-to-face.

With the help of camp counselors, children are taught the fundamentals of communication. Ultimately, this helps children to develop their own sense of dependability, trustworthiness, and ability to work with others.

8. Builds Lifelong Friendships

Finally, children of both genders and all ages walk away from summer camp having built lifelong friendships. These friendships are usually cherished for years to come.

Through shared experience, open communication, trust, and respect your children form solid bonds with other children. And this makes for the best kind of friends!

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