Everything You Need to Know About How to Become a Camp Counselor

Going away to camp as a child helps to give you a huge sense of independence. You will be away from your parents for some time and can only rely on camp counselors and other adults at your camp.

But imagine how much independence and freedom you will have as a camp counselor? There are plenty of things that you will need to know to figure out how to become a camp counselor.

As a child, if you loved going away to camp during the summer, then you’re already halfway there in learning the best ways to become a camp counselor.

Keep reading for our guide on everything you need to know to become a camp counselor and have an awesome summer.

What Does Being a Camp Counselor Mean?

Before deciding that you want to be a camp counselor you need to know exactly what the job of camp counselor calls for. You will be working with children every day so you need to be positive as well as enthusiastic. One of the best parts of going to camp is singing camp songs at the top of your lungs so make sure you’re ready.

As a camp counselor, you should have good morals, meaning you need to know the difference between right and wrong. When children come to camp they will rely on you to help them through their time. This means that you need to set an example for them.

Lastly, being a camp counselor means that you know how to have fun. Of course, you do need to be mature, but you also need to make sure that you and the kids you’re working with are having a great time while at camp. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and have some fun so you can do all the tasks that they are doing.

How Do You Prepare?

There are many things that you can do to prepare for your summer as a camp counselor besides just making sure that you pack all of the essentials. Make sure that you pick a camp that will help you with your skills whether it is sports, acting, or even the outdoors.

You’re going to want to brush up on your skills and make sure you pay attention to any important details. The kids that you will be counseling will look up to you every single day so make sure that you’re well informed about what’s going on at camp every day.

When it comes to going away from camp you should also make sure that you leave your cellphone and electronics behind or at least realize that you won’t be able to use them. Having a summer where you aren’t on your phone all the time will be hard at first but after you get used to it you will appreciate it. A good way to prepare for this is by trying not to use your phone all the time but instead, do things that don’t require electronics.

You Should Make Friends

As a camp counselor, you’re going to want to try to make friends with the other camp counselors as they’re the people you will be seeing the most throughout your summer. You might not end up as life long best friends with these people but they are the people you’re going to rely on the most.

The relationships that you make with your peers will become very important as your summer as a camp counselor progresses. You will be spending a lot of time with children during the day so you may want to find some time to relax and hang out with people your own age.

The other camp counselors are also in the same position as you so it’s a great idea to get to know them and talk about the job together. Whether you need time to vent or talk about how awesome your job as a camp counselor is!

Know That It Is a Job

Whether you’re getting paid or just volunteering as a camp counselor you need to know that this is a job so you should always be on your best behavior. When you were a child going to camp you could act as goofy or silly as you wanted to but now that you’re a camp counselor you need to act more professional.

Camp counselors need to have a better sense of maturity than other teenagers their age. You need to know not to participate in any bad antics that you might see other camp counselors doing.

You also need to act responsibly around the kids going to the camp. After all, you are the one who is setting an example for them. If you’re going to act like camp is overrated or not have a good time, then they’re going to think the same things.

As a camp counselor, you want to make sure that you’re positive and portraying that camp is the best thing ever. This is the best way to do your job and make sure the kids going to camp have an awesome time like you did as a child who went to camp for the summer.

Get to Know Your Campers

Another part of your job as a camp counselor will be getting to know your campers. Depending on how long that camp lasts you might have to do this several times with a new batch of kids but make sure that you’re getting to know each and every one of them.

At the end of the day, you may want to spend some time with them reflecting on what they learned at camp. It is best to focus on the positives but you should also point out the negatives of the day and brainstorm ideas on how they could have been better.

How to Become a Camp Counselor

There are tons of things that you need to know when learning how to become a camp counselor. Overall, it is easy to transition from camper to counselor as long as you have the drive and skills to do so.

If you’re a parent looking for the best camp to send your child to, then make sure to check out all we have to offer or even contact a camp expert advisor today to learn more.

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