Finding the Best Sleepaway Camp For Your Child’s Next Adventure

Finding the Best Sleepaway Camp For Your Child

Summer for a child is a time of dreams and exploration. There is no better way to help them find themselves than by giving them the opportunity to go to camp.

Sending a child off to a sleepaway camp is one of the best steps that a parent can take. At camp, children will enjoy a lot of activities away from home, as they bond and explore with others.

But parents, rightfully so, are cautious to send their children away to strangers.

This article explains why parents owe it to their children to send them to camp and explains what they can do to find the perfect camp.

Let’s take a look.

How To Find the Best Sleepaway Camp

#1: Figure out Which Activities the Child Will Enjoy

When choosing the best sleepaway camp, it’s important to think about the child’s interests and needs.

Sleepaway camps give children the chance to not only learn valuable skills from college and professional athletes, they get to sleep in college dorms.

This provides children a taste of young adult life and teaches them to work hard at their craft.

It sets them on the path to high-level leadership. Camps that focus on nature will help attendees learn some valuable skills while participating in outdoors challenges.

#2: Set up a Budget For Camp Tuition and Boarding

Since sleepaway camp isn’t inexpensive, be sure to research the tuition and boarding far in advance.

It’s best to apply as early as possible because many camps fill up quickly.

#3: Speak Personally to Camp Directors

It pays to schedule a meeting with the camp director via a Camp Expert advisor to learn about the camp and curb any fears.

Parents should first make sure that the camp is licensed and certified. Look into alumni retention, since this is a key indicator of whether a director runs a safe, fun camp.

Make sure to find out how long sessions are, tour the quality of the bunks and grounds, get dining nutrition information and find out how parents can get in touch while the child is away.

#4: Scout Various Geographic Areas

Always place a high priority on location when choosing a camp.

Areas like Vermont, Colorado, and Ohio are popular because of their access to lakes and the abundance of nature.

Finding these locations ahead of time gives parents an idea of what activities are available and what sorts of experiences their children can enjoy.

Understanding the climate will also inform packing decisions so that children are well prepared.

The Life Value in Sending a Child To Camp

Parents who might be on the fence about sending their child to camp really owe it to themselves to dive in and give their children this experience.

Let’s take a look at how sending a child to camp will not only let them have the time of their lives but also build toward the future.

#1: Children Will Learn Independence Early

Many sleepaway camps allow children to register as young as 6 years old.

That’s kindergarten age.

Child campers are put in supportive groups and have access to staff that will protect them, while still pushing them out of their comfort zones.

Child development experts say that camp is great for building self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

When a child has this experience so young, they’ll carry these lessons with them for life. Children’s sleepovers, trying out for activities and living on campus for college won’t cause anxiety in a child that has been to camp.

#2: Parents Get a Breather

Children aren’t the only ones who win big with sleepaway camps.

Parents can get a chance to relax and unwind every summer, knowing that their child is away from home and safe. This provides a nice little break in the everyday life of a parent, allowing time to rekindle romance or reconnect with interests.

… or just relax with no children around!

#3: The Child Will Grow Socially and Intellectually

Going to camp teaches children how to use their mind and work together to solve problems.

In a world where schools are only teaching the test, this break from the norm is crucial. By facing challenges at camp, children will develop leadership skills and will push their intellectual boundaries.

According to the studies, 49 percent of camps have relationships with school systems. This means that camp attendance will help keep them on track with their grade’s curriculum.

While other children are spending their summers on the couch eating snacks, those that attend camp will have spent all summer engaged and alert. This way, they’ll go back to school with their minds already firing on all cylinders.

#4: Camp Activities Teach Responsibility and are Great Resume Builders

The best sleepaway camp will teach responsibility to children in addition to keeping them entertained.

When children go away to these camps, they’ll be expected to maintain clean living quarters and will have regular inspections. They’ll work together to maintain order and will be expected to follow all camp rules.

This sense of structure develops character and makes sure that the children are becoming better people throughout the course of the camp.

Becoming a camp alumni provides an excellent resume builder that will look great on college and private school applications. Many campers end up being National Honor Society students, putting them on the track for success.

The Decision is Clear

Finding the best sleepaway camp provides parents the chance to give their child all these benefits and then some. By taking time out to research camps, parents will have the peace of mind of knowing their children will stay safe and have a blast.

Start out by putting together a list of the top five camps that make sense in terms of enjoyment, price range, and quality.

From there, look up some first-time sleepaway camp tips that will help get the child adjusted and ready for the experience.

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