How Summer Camp Teaches Essentials Life Skills for Teens

While some parents have their doubts about sending their teens to teen summer camp, others swear by it.

At the end of the day, your child develops according to the environments and life challenges they’re exposed to. But most importantly, the actions of their parents.

Sending your teen off to teen summer camp is one of the best life experiences for them. Why? Because it is an opportunity to develop important life skills, outside of a familiar environment.

Here are some of the best life skills for teens which can be learned at summer camp…

Summer Camp Lessons: 6 Important Life Skills for Teens

In order to raise decent human beings, they need to be exposed to all kinds of situations and learn how to deal with them accordingly.

Granted, parenting isn’t always easy – you can only do your best by practicing what you preach, i.e. leading by example. But some days, this may not seem like enough.

Enter, summer camp.

The time away from home, spent in a new environment, is a great way of exposing your teen to new, unfamiliar tasks and responsibilities. This, in turn, helps to build character along the way.

If your teen needs a little emotional development, here are a few life skills to learn over the summer:

1. Independence

Everyone knows that saying: ”personal growth comes from being outside your comfort zone”. This exact sentiment applies to your teen at summer camp.

In a completely new and unfamiliar environment, everything may seem a little scary and daunting at first. No doubt, your teen will feel uncomfortable and anxious.

But the fact of the matter is that these nerve-wracking experiences help us grow as humans. As your teen faces unknown territory and tackles their insecurities, so their independence will grow.

By the end of the camp experience, their initial hesitations will be long gone, and your teen will most likely shine with new-found confidence.

As much as you’d like to shelter your child from life’s hardships, they have to learn how to tackle these struggles alone. This makes them more independent and empowered as individuals.

2. Social Skills

Teen summer camp is all about interaction and teamwork. The priority is to learn how to solve tasks with the help of others and make new friends.

Sure, there are instances of one-on-one interaction between your team and camp leaders. But the main aim is to inspire personal growth through socialization.

Summer camp allows your teen to ”find their tribe” and explore where and how they fit in according to their personality.

Whether your child is shy or outgoing, summer camp is tailored to social skill development. This is motivated through gaming tournaments, excursions, shared chores, and more.

Social skill development is incredibly important as it helps your teen build relationships with people. It allows them to feel more comfortable making new friends and ultimately shapes their overall personality.

3. Perseverance

While a large portion of summer camp is all about fun and friends, it’s also about engaging in a learning environment and problem-solving.

Depending on the type of teen summer camp, your teen is taught a range of new skills which are put to the test. This could involve completing a physical challenge, working as a team on a task etc.

While some of these challenges can be trying and frustrating, this teaches your teen the value of perseverance. Camp staff are trained to provide encouragement and optimism which, in turn, inspires perseverance.

Your teen has the chance to push through the discomfort of a challenge, find a solution and celebrate their victories with a little perseverance!

A little perseverance in life can go a long way. With a strong sense of perseverance, your teen learns to seek out creative solutions to life’s problems, and not hide from them.

4. Teamwork and Cooperation

As your teen shares ideas with their peers and works with them to solve challenges, this builds a strong sense of responsibility.

This is where the value of teamwork and cooperation is learned, where your teen learns the value of asking for help.

Teamwork and cooperation are important because it matters at every stage in your life. Whether it’s with siblings, in the classroom, on the playing field or in the office- learning to work with others is essential.

This way your child will learn how to forge relationships, communicate, share, and delegate.

5. Self-Confidence

Being a teenager is an awkward experience- we’ve all been there, done that. You’re growing through physical and mental changes and as a result, this can affect levels of self-confidence.

Teen summer camp is the perfect opportunity to be around equally awkward and anxious individuals who know exactly what you’re going through!

As such, making new friends, taking part in team-based challenges, and accomplishing difficult tasks all help to build self-confidence.

Learning new skills and putting them into practice in front of your new peers is the ultimate confidence boost.

6. Emotional Management

Finally, emotional management is a key skill learned at summer camp for most teens. Yep, emotions are running high majority of the time (hello, hormones), but summer camp is a great place to learn to cope with them.

Learning to assess, recognize and deal with your emotions is a very powerful life skill that carries over into your adult life and all relationships.

At summer camp your child will learn the value of patience, mutual understanding, and empathy. All strong emotional builders which help to control emotional breakouts.

Ultimately, learning to deal with your emotions helps to establish strong relationships for the future.

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