How to Find an Ideal Summer Camp for Teens

It’s almost time! Time for your teen to ditch the backpacks and the books and the endless amounts of homework and enjoy months of freedom and fun.

Most teenagers look forward to the carefree days of summer all school year long but their high expectations for a fun-filled season can put a lot of pressure on parents to deliver.

Though they may be happy to sleep in, catch up on their favorite shows and hang around the house hanging out with siblings or neighbor friends for a week or so, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll hear these dreaded words:

“I’m bored”.

For parents who still have to go to work, keep up the house, and tend to younger children, the prospect of keeping a teenager entertained for months on end can seem a bit daunting. That’s where summer camp can help!

Summer camps provide a place for kids to enjoy their summer alongside many others their age while participating in various programs and activities. Summer camp for teens is a place for discovering new interests, developing character and making lots of fun memories.

With so many summer camp opportunities to choose from, here are some helpful tips for choosing the right summer camp for teens:

Pick Your Purpose

Talk to your teen about what kind of camp they would most enjoy and what they hope to gain from the experience. There are so many options to choose from so it’s really a matter of their interests and your reasons for sending them.

An adventure camp is more traditional with lots of swimming, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, and crafts. These types of camp programs are what usually come to mind when people consider summer camp. Picture gatherings around a campfire, bunk beds, swimming in the lake and all the beauty of an outdoor setting.

Other camps revolve around learning or developing a skill or are based on a common ground. There are sports camps, weight loss camps, religious camps, language camps, special needs camps, science camps, academic camps, music camps and so many more. These programs might take place just during the daytime hours or might include overnight stays.

Involve your teenager in the discussion of picking a summer camp for teens that they will enjoy and that is based on their interests and goals for the summer.

If your teenager is very creative and artistically inclined, an art camp might be the perfect choice. If you have a teenager with special needs, a special needs camp presents the perfect opportunity for them to meet others who have their own physical or mental challenges. Your teenager can make lifelong friendships while attending a camp with those with similar interests and circumstances.

Choose Between Day and Overnight Summer Camps for Teens

Some camps only take place during the day and teenagers can attend them much like they would a summer class. The camp might last the whole summer long or just a few weeks depending on the program.

Overnight camps (sometimes referred to as sleepaway camps) allow kids the opportunity to sleep at camp in bunks or rooms where they will stay until the duration of the camp is over. These might last a few nights, a week, or several weeks. An overnight camp adventure can help teens break out of their shell and experience life outside of their own home and neighborhood for a while.

Consider Your Budget

The price of summer camp can vary greatly and depends on so many factors. Camps that last the duration of the summer will cost much more than a week-long camp.

Though you might be tempted to consider only the cheapest options, remember your reasons for choosing a camp for your teen.

Camp can be a life-changing experience in many ways as your teenager builds their self-confidence, meets lots of new friends, learns to be more independent, enjoys new hobbies, learns new skills and develops an appreciation for nature.

A technical camp where your teen can learn about computers and computer software, for example, might cost a lot more than an arts and crafts camp based on the tools required to participate. These are things to keep in mind as you consider what kind of camp is best.

As you think about what summer camp for teens will cost, keep in mind what you and your teenager will get out of it as a result.

Research Camp Instructors

The camp instructors will have a big impact on how much your teen gets out of the experience and whether that experience is mostly positive or negative. An engaging, passionate instructor who loves teaching kids and is enthusiastic about the program is the best kind of instructor to have.

Though it might be a little tricky to determine whether or not a potential instructor is bound to be good at their job, you can do a little research ahead of time to help you decide.

Look up the profiles of instructors on the camp website and scan their qualifications, how long they’ve been working at the camp and what kind of reviews they may have received. Some instructors will include a bio about themselves and their interests and their reasons for choosing a position as a camp instructor.

You can also call the camp directly and ask for references from other parents to get an idea of how others felt about their camp experiences with a particular instructor. You can also ask friends or family for recommendations if they’ve had a teen attend a camp in recent years.

Make This Summer One To Remember

As this summer approaches, consider the many benefits of enrolling your kid in a summer camp for teens.

The very best summer camp for teens is one in which your teenager will feel welcome, encouraged to participate and able to grow as a person both socially and otherwise.

If you’re interested in learning more about the many summer camp for teens that are available, contact us for more information.

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