Is It Too Soon to Think about Writing Letters to Your Overnight Camper?

Truth be told, it’s difficult for many adults to write a letter
to their children who have gone to overnight camp.


Perhaps, the reasons for this could be related to technology,
writing letters has become a thing of the past.

Everyone likes to receive a letter, even children or teens.


If you ask your children who have gone or will be going to overnight camp, they’ll tell you that it would be nice to receive a letter from their parents instead of something else. It doesn’t matter what the letter contains, they just love the idea of receiving something from their loved ones. And, a written letter is a good way to relieve homesickness that your child is likely to experience.

For parents who don’t have any idea of what to write, here are some great tips that can inspire you.

1. Talk About What You Did Today

Even though most children wouldn’t admit this, they probably feel homesick every now and then. That said, they’re eager to find out what you did over the past few days, what you had for dinner, and if you went somewhere. This seemingly everyday nonsense can be special to them.

2. Surf the Web

If you’ve already told your child about the happenings in your life and you can’t think of anything else to say, then go online and check the news. Maybe they’d want to know about something going on right now. They probably have little or no access to online resources at overnight camp.

If your child is into sports, then he’d appreciate it if you send him score updates. Know what your child’s interests are and share something about that.

3. Write a Funny Story

Did something funny or unusual happen these past few days? Why not share that ridiculous incident with your child?

4. Send Some Funny Cards

Children have a huge sense of humor. Although sending those cutesy Hallmark cards are nice, funny cards are better. To make it even more personal, include a few lines that come from you. Keep in mind, they want to hear about YOU, and these cards are just a bonus.

5. Dumb Jokes Aren’t Really Dumb at All

Exert some effort and try to come up with 5-10 silly jokes. Encourage your children to read these jokes to his or her friends at overnight camp. This is a great way to encourage your child to socialize with other campers.

6. Does Your Child Like Gossip?

If the answer is yes, then you should consider sharing some celebrity headlines. For instance, ask your child if she knew that a celebrity couple named their baby Northwest, then include some suggestions for other ridiculous celebrity baby names.

7. Be a Picasso

If you have an artistic side, or you think you can draw, instead of writing a letter, try to come up with a comic strip narrating what happened in your life. It would be better if the story you’re going to draw is something funny. The key is, it should be something that’s very amusing.

8. Crazy News Headlines

For some sort of diversion, you can include some crazy news you have recently read.

9. Care Packages Are for College Students, Not Campers

We’re including this in the list because, even though a lot of overnight camps have prohibited the parents from sending useless stuff to their children, there are some who still do it.

Your children don’t need a package of junk just to realize you care.

If you can’t resist the urge and you really want to send a care package, check the overnight camp’s policy first and follow it. They made these rules for a reason.

10. Share Your Feelings

You are allowed to be a little clingy and affectionate. Tell them what you feel and be very honest about it.

If you want your children to appreciate you even more, writing them several letters while they’re at camp can be very effective! It doesn’t matter if it’s just 2-3 sentences long; what is important is the realization that you’re thinking about them.

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