Making the Right Decision: The Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing a Summer Camp

Imagine being in a quiet house without having to run after or clean up after a child. Parents will not admit it, but they all look forward to summer camp. Being at home when it is a kid’s free environment for an hour or two is sometimes all you need to feel like yourself again.

However, there is nothing as devastating as being worried all the time about the welfare of your kids. This is the main reason why making the right decision on where you should take your child for summer camp is very important. The best summer camps are the ones where you take your precious children without worrying about their wellbeing.

The following are the biggest mistakes parents make when it comes to summer camp so that you stop making them.

5 Mistakes Parents Make When a Choosing Summer Camp for Your Kids

The whole point of a summer camp is to ensure your children have fun during their holiday but still keep up with their studies. They still have to go to school the following year after all. It is a learning and experimental period so you cannot let them stay in their comfort zone.

Many parents make the mistake of taking their child to a camp that the child wants, probably because his or her friends will be there as well. Find a summer camp that will help your child think outside the box, have new experiences and learning opportunities. If you do not consider this fact when choosing a summer camp, you are making a big mistake.

Kids are generally resistant to change, especially the young ones. Ones you challenge them, they grow mentally. As a parent, you must ensure that the summer camp you settle for will help your kid move out of their comfort zone and still keep up with their studies, summer learning.

Even when kids are away from school, ensure the summer camp you choose helps to keep their brains sharp. This can be through different forms of summer learning.

Interests of the Child

It is normal for a parent to put their worries before the child interests. Nonetheless, it is a big mistake. When choosing a summer camp, whether it is a summer day camp or a sleep-away camp, most parents go for what they are comfortable with.

They will consider the location and settle for what is closest to them even when it is a sleep-away camp. Consider what your child loves. Luckily, there are different summer camps have different activities.

Find one that will align with the interests of your child and will be instrumental in expanding their knowledge concerning things they love. Disclaimer! Kids love their friends and their interest will depend on what the friends want.

As a parent, you observe and learn your child, so you have an idea of what they like. Their opinion is important, but taking it at face value is a mistake.

STEM Subjects

Most summer camps will focus on outdoor activities like swimming, and other water sports. It is great because the summer camp should be fun and it is suitable weather for such activities. However many parents make the mistake of not considering the STEM subjects and the benefits they have to the child.

Some summer camps offer these subjects. It might cost you a bit more, but we live in a rapidly changing world. Allowing your kids to get hands-on experience in subjects like computer programming, robotics, and even digital media is the best thing you can do for them.

Not Researching

Knowledge is power. Researching is the most important thing you can do when it comes to your kids. Whether it is starting a new business venture or choosing a location for a birthday party, the decision you make on summer camp will determine if your kid will grow or stay stagnant.

You cannot research enough and you cannot question enough. Do not be shy, you would rather come out as a nosy parent or even rude, but make sure you have all the information you need. It is especially crucial to check the qualifications of the staff.

Check the itinerary and ask all the questions about their qualifications. Do not make the mistake of assuming that because you are paying them a lot of money, they are qualified. It should be the opposite, and because it is not free, make sure as a parent, there is value for your money.

With proper research, you will also be sure to pack all your child’s needs, especially if they are going to a sleep-away camp.

Consider your Needs as a Parent

It is not selfish to consider your needs, especially if you are enrolling your child to a summer day camp. Unless they offer transportation and you are sure, your child will be home on time, feel free to find a summer camp that works for your schedule.

Summertime is a relaxation period for both the parent and the child. If you are stressing about it, your child will notice your sadness and it will destroy their summer camp experience. Unless you are opting for a sleep-away summer camp, consider the logistics and plan properly before settling for one.

The good news is that there are many summer camps, and you will find one to suit your needs as a parent.


Just because a summer camp is expensive, it does not mean it is the best fit for your child. At the same time, it is important not to dismiss a summer camp because it is affordable depending on your level of income. Again, you cannot go wrong when it comes to researching, and having an open mind.

There is a summer camp for everything these days. As a parent do not make the mistake of over or under spending without knowing what they offer, the standards of living and food when they are there. Consider other necessities like a qualified nurse, clean toilets, among other things.

Do not break the bank or force yourself to bankruptcy because of summer camp.

Choose the Best Summer Camp for Your Children

Now that you know what not to do when choosing a summer camp, there is a very high chance that this next summer camp will be the most beneficial for your child. Prepare early because you are sure that summer camp will come eventually. With these tips in mind, you know what not to do.

Contact a summer camp advisor near you to find the best summer camp program for your family.

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