Preparing for Performing Arts Camp: Tips, Tricks, and Items to Bring

What do Dustin Hoffman, Adam Levine, and Lea Michele have in common? They all went to performing arts camps!

If your kid is a star in the making or if they just love to dabble in the arts, nurture their passion by sending them to performing arts camp. From musical theater camp to rock music camp, there really is something for every aspiring star.

And who knows…their camp experience may be the first step on the road to stardom!

But how can you prepare your child for summer camp? And what do they need to pack? Read on for the know-how.

Sleepaway Camp—The Essentials

Whether it’s an arts camp, theater camp or any other kind of camp, the essentials are generally the same. Prepare well-beforehand to work through a list of supplies.

But whatever you do, don’t leave your kid out of the decision making. Shopping for supplies, preparing, and packing is all part of the overnight camp experience.

Pack Perfectly

Do your homework before you start packing. Find out about the facilities available in the camp. Are they staying in tents, cabins or other kinds of accommodation?

Whatever the accommodation for sleepaway camp is, you need to find out about storage. If a closet or drawers are available, use a duffel bag or collapsible suitcase they can stow away. If they’re using their trunk as storage, it’s better to use something sturdier.

Remember, when they arrive at camp, they’ll be alone. So make sure you pack together. It may also be useful to use packing cubes or zip-lock bags to keep them organized too.

Clothes for Campers

Going to camp is all about pushing boundaries and taking part in exciting activities. This means your kid’s clothes will get pretty messy. And if the camp is 10 days or less, there will probably be no laundry service.

This means you need to pack at least two weeks worth of clothes for your child. Here are some clothing essentials for summer camp:

  • everyday clothes and shoes for 10-12 days
  • underwear (enough for 14 days minimum)
  • PJ’s and bathrobe
  • warm jacket and hat
  • waterproof clothing (coat and boots)
  • swimwear
  • smart outfit (if the camp includes a party)

It’s also essential to contact the theater camp organizer beforehand to find out any needed clothes for activities. For instance, dancing shoes, instruments, leotards, costumes, and more.

Sleepaway Camp Extras

Some other things they will need for overnight camp include:

  • toiletries and towels
  • small rucksack for day trips
  • flashlight and spare batteries
  • sun protection (sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses)
  • insect repellent
  • refillable water bottle
  • camera (in most camps phones aren’t allowed)
  • books and playing cards
  • writing paper and pre-stamped envelopes (for writing home)

And don’t forget to give them something personal to make their bunk feel like home. Such as a family photo or a soft toy. Especially if they are away for several weeks.

Remember to label EVERYTHING you pack. From their underpants to their toothbrush. Things get lost easily.

Performing Arts Camp—Tips and Tricks

If your kids are ready to enter the world of performing arts, what can they expect from theater camp? Most kids will feel pretty nervous in the beginning, even if they’ve performed on stage before. How can a budding actor or actress feel ready to put on a show?

These tips will help your little star to settle in.

What to Expect at an Arts Camp

While all camps have a slightly different way of doing things, most performing arts camps follow a similar routine.

Each week is a balance between hands-on class exercises, performances, and summer camp fun. In class, students will work with professionals to perfect their skills. Whether it be in music, drama, dance, or all three.

After training, students may take part in several small performances, filmed or live. And one final production. All this takes place in a nurturing, creative atmosphere that encourages the students to grow in confidence.

On evenings and at weekends training’s put aside so the kids can enjoy their summer camp experience.

How to Make the Most of Summer Camp

Before starting their first class, your child may have a stomach full of butterflies. They can calm their nerves before they head to their lessons by doing a few simple exercises. Such as breathing in and out deeply, stretching muscles, and massaging their face.

Doing these simple exercises will not only prepare their body and mind for performing. But it’s also scientifically proven that it will calm them down.

During the class, encourage them to take notes, even if nobody else is doing it. This will help them to make the most of the experience. Buy them a cool notebook and pen to encourage them.

You should also give them a pep talk about trying new things before they go. For example, if they’re focused on Ballet, let them try break-dance. Or if they’re used to playing serious roles in theater, let them try comedy.

To make the most of their music, dance, or theater camp, they should let loose and try something new. And outside of class too. Encourage them to make new friends and try outdoor activities that challenge them.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your kid may know this, but try to encourage them to take every opportunity to practice. Because when they’re prepared, things will run a whole lot smoother for them.

And if they receive criticism, encourage them to embrace it. Adjustments to their approach will help them to deliver top performances and reach for the stars.

However, while remaining focused is key, make sure your kid knows that they’re allowed to have some fun too. That’s what summer camp is all about, right?

Summer Camp—An “In-Tents” Experience!

Whether it’s a performing arts camp, education camp or sports camp, the whole experience will be a unique learning curve for your kid. Especially if it’s their first time. How can you prepare them for an “in-tents” experience?

We have all the tips and advice you need to eliminate your child’s fear of camp. Check out this article to find out the key to a successful first-time camper.

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