Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Choosing a Summer Camp For Kids

Summer camp for kids is hugely popular around the US.

Well over 7 million young people attend them every year!

It’s easy to see why they’re so well-attended. Camps provide an amazing opportunity for kids to make new friends, try out cool activities, and have an adventure away from home.

However, their popularity has given rise to a huge number of camps to choose from! With such a wide selection, how on earth do you decide which one is best for your children?

We wanted to help! Are you in search of the perfect summer camp for kids?

Read on to find out 7 key questions to ask to help you choose the best one possible.

1. Where Is the Summer Camp for Kids Held?

Not all camps are held in the wild outdoors.

In fact, there’s a whole range of places that camp takes place these days. Universities campuses, local schools, open parks, and so on, are all fairly common.

Of course, the location plays a significant role in the camp’s atmosphere. The setting has a direct impact on the activities and opportunities on offer.

Many people want their kids to attend camp in order to get out into nature. If the camp ends up running in a local schoolyard, then it may not be fit for purpose!

Be sure to check the location and ensure it meets expectations and requirements.

2. How Long Has the Camp Been Operational?

Time is a good indicator of any particular organization’s quality.

It’s a clear sign of its success.

Think about businesses in general. They must continue to be successful to remain in operation. Don’t, and there’s no way it could remain in operation over the long term.

The same rule applies for camp. After all, they’re running a business too. They rely on their reputation and camp experience. The longer it’s been running, the better. It indicates that people have a great time, that it’s safe, and that there have been no serious problems.

3. How Many Campers Come Back Each Year?

This is a similar way of establishing a camp’s quality.

People don’t go back to an establishment they haven’t enjoyed. Think about restaurants. All it takes is one bad meal to dissuade you from returning. Conversely, an incredible dining experience guarantees your return custom indefinitely.

The same holds for camps.

Kids and staff that return year in and year out clearly love it! Ask what percentage go back. 50% is a good benchmark. Anything more than that indicates a camp of the highest quality.

4. How Many Staff Are There?

Having sufficient staff numbers is key to ensuring the safety and success of a program.

The more the better!

It means there are enough trained and responsible people in charge. Any issues can be dealt with effectively. The program can run according to plan and children will have enough attention.

However, the true metric to refer to is the staff to camper ratio.

The number of staff at the camp may sound impressive. Yet it’s only as good as the number of campers there too. There must be sufficient staff for how many children will be there.

A ratio of 1 staff member to 6 campers is recommended for kids aged between 6 and 8. This goes down to 1 to 8 for ages 9 to 14. Finally, 1 to 10 for children aged 15 to 17.

5. What Medical Facilities and Staff are Available?

Many children have particular (sometimes serious) health needs.

As parents, this will be a primary concern. Kids are away from home and you aren’t there to look after them. You want to know there are trained medical staff available to properly meet needs.

From allergies and administering medication, to insight into particular conditions. It’s important to check what facilities and medical expertise are onsite. It’s recommended to find a camp that employs a doctor or nurse throughout the day.

This guarantees proper health and safety procedures will be maintained. You could also consider providing contact details of your personal doctor.

Here’s some more info on keeping kids safe at camp.

6. What Happens on a Typical Day?

It can also be useful to know more about what a typical day looks like.

Enquire about the routines, schedules, and activities available. Doing so will help you picture what your children might be getting up to when they’re onsite. More importantly, it provides an idea of the depth of experience on offer.

The best camps offer a diverse array of activities. There should be a combination of fun, physical, creative, and team-building exercises throughout each day.

Make sure you’re happy with the particular activities providing by the camp in question.

7. What Do Other People Say?

Reviews, recommendations, and testimonials are always valuable in decision-making.

It’s hard to know about any establishment without hearing directly from the horses’ mouth! Speaking with past campers and their parents is a great way to avoid bad decisions.

Find the names and contact details of people who have attended in the past. Make sure they’re impartial! You want to know their feedback is entirely unbiased. Of course, the camp director is going to give you wholly positive impressions!

They may not be entirely accurate!

Speak to parents about how their child enjoyed the camp. Ask about anything you’re unsure of, and whether they’d recommend it. Are their children going back? If not, then why?

Equally, it can be a good idea to let your child speak with theirs too. That way they’ll have a proper say in the matter as well.

Time to Choose a Summer Camp for Kids

That brings to a close this post on the questions to ask before choosing a summer camp for kids.

Summer camp is an amazing opportunity for kids of all ages. They’re immensely popular too!

That popularity has given rise to an abundance of camps to choose from. It’s a mixed blessing though. Deciding the best camp for your child can be a difficult process.

Hopefully, the information in this post will make it easier to find the best camp possible!

Interested in learning more? Click here to request further information about summer camps.

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