Tips for Sending Fun Letters to Kids at Camp

Summer sleepaway camp is a great way for your child to form new friendships, boost their self-esteem, and have a great time away from home. Unfortunately, a little homesickness may be inevitable.

If your children are nervous about the experience, a good way to put their mind at ease is by sending letters. This lets them know you’re thinking about them while they’re away on their adventure.

However, you may be at a loss as to what to write. It’s important not to remind them about what they’re missing at home as this could add to their homesickness.

Instead, your letter should contribute to the fun they’re already having. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with some tips for writing fun letters to kids at camp.

Include Top 10 Lists

Fun is the name of the game when sending summer sleepaway camp letters. It’s also important not to let your child know what they’re missing at home. Making top 10 lists will achieve both.

Come up with a few lists of things going on around the house that will make you child glad they’re having the time of their lives at camp.

These could include the top 10 chores you’ve been doing. Then add things like scrubbing the bathrooms or cleaning out the refrigerator. You can rest assured they won’t envy you.

You could then make a top 10 list of the reasons you wish you were at camp. This should make your child realize how lucky they are.

Remember, the key here is to interject humor whenever you can.

Spice Up Your Letters

For your child, getting camp letters from home makes them feel special. Going the extra mile with your letters will mean a lot to them.

Doing things out of the ordinary is a fun and easy way to make receiving a letter much more fun. This includes using multicolored pens or markers, silly envelopes, or stickers.

Include funny postcards or magazine clippings you know they’ll enjoy. If the sleepaway camp allows care packages, send along their favorite goodies with your letter.

A goofy letter will stand out and may even pique the curiosity of some of the other kids. They could form new connections by sharing your letter with the other campers.

Just remember not to include anything that may remind them of home and induce homesickness.

Write a Letter from the Family Pet

Another fun idea is to write a letter from the perspective of the family pet. For this idea, you can really get creative.

For example, if writing as the family dog, let them know how boring it is without them. Then, describe the goings on at home.

Regardless of the type of pet you have, you can take the letter in any direction you want. You could also include a picture of the family pet for your child to tape up next to their bed.

Not only will this be a fun letter for your child to read, it also lets them know their favorite pet is doing okay.

Let the Whole Family Contribute

Getting the whole family involved in one of your letters is a great way to let your child know they’re missed and that everyone is doing well.

Have each member of the family include a short message. Make sure they mention how happy they are that your child is having the time of their life.

Some kids have a hard time when they first arrive at camp, especially if it’s their first time. Consider sending a letter from the family right away so they don’t feel forgotten.

Getting a letter immediately could help put their mind at ease. A photo of the family may also help reassure them that everything is normal at home and help them relax.

It’s also a good idea to let them know that feeling homesick is normal, but that it’s just business as usual at home.

Have Them Describe Their Time at Sleepaway Camp

Keeping the focus on them is always a good idea. You should even challenge them to write back about the time they’re having.

The important thing is to make this process fun. They shouldn’t feel like you’re giving them a chore to perform.

To achieve this, avoid asking them to write about their entire experience. Instead, ask them to describe their favorite activity so far.

You could also ask them to describe the funniest thing that’s happened since they got there. These types of questions keep the emphasis on the fun aspects of their time at camp.

Asking them to describe things is a great way to engage a response and make them feel like they’re sharing the experience with you.

Entertain Them with Jokes and Puzzles

Another fun idea is to include puzzles or jokes in your letter. This is another area where you can get as creative as you want.

Try asking a question and then scrabbling the letters of the answer so they have to figure it out. This will give them something fun to do during their downtime before bed.

You could also include riddles or jokes. These will help stimulate their mind and is something they can share with the other kids and camp counselors.

Including things they can share is a great way for them to form bonds and friendships with other kids. This is difficult for some children and teens, so it helps to give them a little push in the right direction.

Create the Best Letters to Kids at Sleepaway Camp

As you can see, sending letters to kids at camp doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, making them as fun as possible will mean a lot to your child and give them something they can share with their new friends.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The point is to make them as fun as possible, which means you should take them in whatever direction you want. Just remember to keep the emphasis on them and let them know they’re having an experience they’ll remember forever.

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