What Are Performing Arts and Why Your Teen Needs an Art-Specific Camp

Performance art found its footing in the 1960s in the United States.

From there, the desire for performing arts camps arose. Widespread support from colleges and famous alumni have made them even more popular.

You might ask yourself, what are performing arts camps?

They are camps that specialize in teaching pre-college age children performance arts. They can be specialized or offer a broad curriculum, but it is always focused around performance arts.

What Are Performing Arts?

Performance arts are any creative activity that takes place in front of an audience. There are several types of performance art. The most popular performing arts center around music, drama, and dance.

Performing art can also take place in the digital world. Digital art, animation, film, and other pursuits are considered performance arts.

Every year, camps offer instruction in these areas around the country. Organizations and services exist that promote the performance arts. These places can also help you find a camp which would suit the needs of your young artist.

The Origin of Performing Arts

The performing arts first originated in Greece around the 6th century BC. Poets led the charge, such as the famous Sophocles.

However, it wasn’t until the 15th and 16th centuries that performing arts really exploded onto the worldwide stage. Huge in places like Italy and Europe, professional theatrical companies surged in popularity. William Shakespeare’s plays, in particular, played a huge role in introducing thousands of people to the performing arts.

Why Does My Child Need a Performing Arts Camp?

Millions of young people are interested in performing arts. The competition for programs that teach performing arts can be intense. Camps offer a way to continue to practice and progress.

In many cases, the teaching at performing arts camps may exceed what your child is used to receiving. Most have professional instructors to assist students in progress. They can identify where and how your child can progress the best.

Many camps will offer programs that emphasize performing arts. A camp set up to deal specifically with the challenge of teaching the arts will always be superior.

Students who attend summer performing arts are also more likely to get scholarships.

How Do I Find a Performance Art Camp?

As with any camp finding the right one for you and your student can be difficult. However, there are tools that will help you succeed in your search. If you need more specific guidance on the subject, you should speak to a professional camp advisor.

Local colleges are also a good place to look for performing arts camps. These are often operated by advanced students or the professor themselves.

What Can My Child Expect to Learn at a Performance Art Camp?

Anyone attending a performance art camp can expect a few things.

One of them is to perform on a stage. The other is that they will be focused on learning about the art they are passionate about. Opportunities to pursue instruction in a field that excites them is irreplaceable.

During camp, they will also be exposed to children who have the same interest. Building bonds with others who share the same passion can create lifelong friendships. These friendships may even outlast their interest in what they are studying.

Technical instruction is very common.

This helps to hone the craft of the individual performer in whatever field they have chosen. They will also learn how to interact with their peers and make friends.

Performance art camps usually end with an actual performance. In most cases, this performance is put on for the parents and camp counselors and instructors. This will give your child a chance to show what they have learned on stage.

What Ages Can Attend a Performance Art Camp?

There are opportunities for children of all ages.

Teen programs are usually a bit more specialized where possible. Camps that teach performing arts for young children are also very popular. These offer introductions to forms of art they may not be exposed to regularly.

Camps are divided by age group. This helps the instructors place attention on certain levels of development.

Make sure that you select a camp and program that is suitable for the age and skill level of your student. That way they get the maximum benefit from it.

Performing arts programs usually start around the age of 12. Many will accept students who are up to the age of 18 or 19.

Why Should My Child Study the Arts?

There are many benefits to the arts. Performance teaches us critical self-reflection. It also teaches us how to think creatively.

Depending on the type of art studied, academic benefits can be gained as well. From mathematics to improved pattern recognition, studying art will help in every endeavor.

Many who study the arts are passionate.

Pursuing their passions can lead to more fulfilling experiences. Focusing on achieving goals and mastering complex skills will also give your child a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Communication is emphasized in performing arts as well. Learning how to communicate effectively and efficiently with other students is central to successful performance. These skills don’t just apply to art and will follow your child wherever they go.

Are There Camps for Other Types of Performance Art?

There are camps for almost any imaginable form of performing art.

These range from circus acts to magic camps. Art camps are very popular as well, offering activities like sculpting, painting, and more.

No matter what your child is into there is a camp for them.

The Perfect Camp for Your Child

After reading this you will no longer need to ask yourself, what are performing arts? Now you can focus on making sure to provide your child with a fun and engaging environment.

If you’re looking for professionals to help you find a camp, you need not look any further. Experts here at The Camp Experts can help you find a program that fits not only what your student wants, but what would be best for them. We invite you to read our article on tips and tricks for preparing for a performing arts camp.

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