What To Put In A Summer Camp Care Package

Even when your children are away at camp, you want to show them your love. You can support them in having a great summer by coming up with creative summer camp care package ideas to carry them through.

It’s not unusual for youth to get a little homesick when at camp, whether they admit it or not. Parents tend to feel a little down (after the initial euphoria of having the house to themselves) when the family isn’t together too.

Care packages are a great way to keep in touch and give everyone a little lift to their week when away at summer camp.

Check out our summer camp care package ideas to help you send love in a way that’s sure to please!

Pet Selfies From Home

If you’ve been asked to take good care of your family pet while they’re gone, why not send them pet selfies of you and their furry friend hanging out? It’s sure to make them smile and take the fear out of their pet being lonely without them.

If they don’t have a pet then maybe their favorite action figure, toy or poster could make it into your scrapbook of selfies from home. Add some humorous photos but don’t make them think they’re missing too much fun.

Sending pictures of you and grandma at Disney World enjoying a pineapple whip borders on being cruel rather than fun. But some fun photos of you all playing a board game with a cardboard cut out of them since they’re at camp may get a few laughs.

Small Games or Toys

Think about sending some fun small travel games, decks of cards or activities that the campers can play if they get rained in or have some spare time in the evening.

Add a bunch of stickers or fun party favors from the dollar store and they’ll have little prizes or gifts to give to their friends. Send some postcards or coloring books that the campers can use to send messages home.

Disposable Camera or USB

Most camps won’t allow the participants to have their cellphones and so they can’t take selfies and capture the moments they want to remember on their phone cameras. Sending a disposable camera is a fun way for them to fill some time and have memories on film to cherish for decades to come.

If they’re allowed to have a digital camera, you might want to send a backup battery or an extra memory card for them to store pictures on.

Be Cautious Sending Food

It’s natural to immediately think of filling your care package with treats and sweets from home, this may be against the policy of the camp.

If your campers are in the wilderness this could be an invitation to wildlife such as bears and so food in personal camper areas is avoided. Make sure you know the policy before sending a batch of cookies or bag full of candies.

You’ll also want to make sure you don’t send anything that could cause an allergic reaction for another camper. Peanuts, dairy, and strawberries have been known to be fatal when just coming in contact with some who have severe allergies.

Money for the Snack Shack

Many camps will give campers the opportunity to buy treats and fun little items at a camp snack shack. This helps stop contraband items being hidden in cabins or tens because they’re given the opportunity to buy treats and eat them in a designated area and time.

You don’t need to send a huge amount of money but you could brighten your camper’s day with a few dollars to buy some treasures at the camp shop.

Glow Sticks and Glow in the Dark Items

It’s always fun to have glow sticks and glow in the dark items at summer camp. They’re helpful when the moon is covered by clouds and you’re trying to make your way to the bathroom at two in the morning and fun when telling ghost stories after lights out.

You can get a package of several of them at the Dollar store so they have a new one each night. There are some items that are glow in the dark which they can recharge during the day and have it at night.

Magazines or Comic Books

Send them some fun reading material they can enjoy and share with their fellow campers when they have some spare time. Magazines are also great for if they want to come up with craft ideas and are looking for supplies.

Extra Supplies

There may be some supplies they forgot or need refilled while at camp. Things like their favorite toothpaste, a new toothbrush, new running shoes or a replacement bathing suit.

Ask them if there is anything they forgot to bring or didn’t think they’d need. You may have told them to pack a second towel so they had a dry one for their shower after a day of swimming at the beach. If they didn’t listen to you they may be hoping you save them from their own stubbornness and send them a second one.

Sunblock, hats, towels, and sunglasses all have a tendency to get lost or misplaced so you could be making their summer a little easier by including some of these supplies even if they say they don’t need them.

A personal First Aid kit could be a smart addition as well. They may get blisters, scraps or cuts from life in nature and it is always helpful to have extra supplies when going on a hike or heading to the beach. The first aid tent or cabin could be a long way from where all the activities are and this will save time.

Love Notes From Home

Send them some love from everyone at home. Have family members write notes with messages of love or funny comments. This will help them feel your love even when they start to feel homesick.

You could even cut some hearts and write your messages on them or write a separate note that you place in envelopes to be opened each day. This will give them a new message to read throughout the week.

Every time you think of something funny or positive you want to share with them, write it down and send it in your next package so they know how often throughout the day you think of them even when they’re at camp.


You might want to send a feather boa or some giant glasses they can use for skits or photo props. There are always lots of opportunities to clown around at camp and that’s always more fun if you have props to do it with.

Whether it’s singing karaoke around the campfire, performing a comedy skit on stage in the camp talent show, or taking fun end of summer photos of all their friends, your tween will be grateful for the props to make it even more epic.

Personal Summer Camp Care Package Ideas

Think of your kid and what makes them tick. You can tailor your summer camp care package ideas to your child’s personal passions and interests.

Whether your child is at space camp, leadership camp, or a sports camp they are sure to love a summer camp care package from home.

For more information on the perfect summer camp for your child contact us today.

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