Why Choose A Music Camp For Your Child?

There is concrete evidence that music isn’t just good for the soul but it also helps in every other area of life. One’s concentration, confidence, eye-hand coordination, memory, and mental and physical health all benefit from music.

Don’t let your teen sit around piling dishes up in the sink while they complain about being bored. You don’t want them spending their entire summer sending funny animal videos to their friends and leaving a trail of laundry around the house.

Give them a positive experience at summer music camps for high school students. You can help them develop their musical skills while creating memories.

Health Benefits of Music

Music has more benefits than just giving us something to listen to or do. There are some serious health benefits to making music a part of your life. That’s easier to do if the love for music is instilled early and summer music camps for high school students is a perfect way to do that.

Some of the health benefits include:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves mood
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves memory and cognitive ability
  • Eases pain

Music has proven benefits for many individuals on the Autism Spectrum and for seniors suffering from forms of dementia and cognitive impairment. Music therapy has become a more recognized and utilized treatment option that is often used to manage symptoms like pain, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.

Confidence Benefits of Music

Learning to play a musical instrument improves one’s confidence and ability to perform under pressure. Learning to play a piece of music develops a sense of accomplishment and builds confidence.

Learning new skills helps children and youth to create new social connections and a greater sense of self. Music helps teach follow through and that persistence pays off. Music students learn their own ability if they put the time and effort into mastering something like a particular song or technical skill.

Students not only perform better in their other classes and subjects in school when music is a part of their lives but tend to do better in all areas of life.

Music can improve one’s life and confidence by helping an individual sleep better, improve recovery after surgery, increase performance in athletics, and even raise their I.Q.

Benefits of Summer Music Camps for High School Students

Your high school student might work hard in individual lessons or music classes at school all year but they deserve to have some fun with their passion as well.

Think about the memories of summer camp when you were a kid. The friends you made and the experiences you shared. Your children will cherish their summer memories of camp friends and life lessons learned while there.

Give your teens something to look forward to, and help them develop relationships that could last a lifetime by spending their summer creating beautiful music together.

Summer Camp Prepares Teens for Life

One of the biggest complaints of parents with the school system today is that it doesn’t really prepare their children for real life. Summer camp is a great way to help your children develop the skills they need to survive in the world.

Life Skills

Many college freshmen experience culture shock when they move away from home because they’ve never had to survive without their parents taking care of the day-to-day logistics of life.

Attending summer camp not only gives the parents a break but also allows youth to build the skills they need and the confidence it takes to make decisions and take care of themselves. They can get comfortable with a little bit of independence while still having support around them and a knowledge they’ll head home at the end of camp.

Youth learn social skills and have the opportunity to build their decision-making skills while learning who they are and what their place is in the world as an individual, separate from their family unit.

Team Work

Summer camp is a great place for youth to learn how to work together as a team and accomplish goals together. Once they’re in the working world those will be valuable skills for them to already have. They’ll be miles ahead of their peers when competing for jobs if they can apply the team working skills they learn at camp when they enter the workforce.

Youth are often given opportunities for leadership while at camp and can learn how to be a better and more confident advocate for themselves and their community in the future.

Resilience in a Tough World

Let’s face it, life is tough and we need to prepare our youth to be able to handle the curve balls that are thrown at them.

Summer camp is proven to increase an individual’s resilience in all areas of life. They are not as anxious about the unknown because they have more confidence in their abilities to take care of themselves and adapt to new situations.

Learning to build a fire and cook a meal may not seem to have value when you live in the city but knowing that you could if you had to is invaluable.

In Newfoundland, Canada recently a winter storm closed down the province for almost a week. Stores were closed and the power was out, people donned their snowsuits, built fires in barrels and fed themselves until power could be restored.

It doesn’t take a natural disaster or weather emergency for the skills learned at summer camp to come in handy. The skills they learn while at music camp will help them feel more confident and capable in school, at home, in social and work situations and in creating goals and dreams for their lives in the future.

Summer Music Camps for High School Students are a Gift for Life

Choosing the right summer music camps for high school students is easy when you take advantage of our services.

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime and send your children to camp this summer.

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