Why Sleep Away Summer Camps Are More Important Than Ever Before

We ask all the time: “The younger generation – what’s up with them? Lack of focus? Poor concentration? Entitlement? Screens, screens and more screens? Are we responsible for enabling this, allowing this to happen?”

Today, the digital age seems to be accelerating rather quickly. Technology is advancing at lightning speed. Children spend most of their lives in front of laptops and mobile phones, and as a result, reducing their time to focus on life and development. Although we appreciate the fact that technology has been significant in simplifying lives, on the flip side, it has also participated in raising a breed of socially challenged kids.

The education system has also taken a big turn. Unlike in the past when school was about reading, reciting and rehearsing to understand concepts, nowadays what matters most is passing exams or evaluation tests. This poses a challenge in the jobs arena rendering most applicants unqualified. Teamwork and collaboration have become a hard skill to acquire since most candidates behave in a self-centered manner and think they are better than anyone else.


As if that is not enough, recent statistics show that an average of 56% of students who join the college for a four-year course end up completing their studies in six years, while 30% can barely finish their first year before dropping out. Why is this the case? Will these children be the leaders of tomorrow? We must act now to address this situation.

The children need an environment away from their over caring parents, one that is unencumbered by the technology of Xbox, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. An environment that allows room for interaction, teamwork, and self-reliance.

But where are such conditions found?

Sleep Away Summer Camp!

Sleep away summer camps have been in existence for over 100 years now. Summer camps are of immense importance in fostering the development of skills for the younger generation. The experience engages children in activities some of which they are the planners, evaluators and implementers, providing them with tools to enhance their social skills.

Children work together in groups, led by an energized staff who lead by example, forced to communicate and compromise with one another, conquering their fears, pushing beyond perceived limits, making and keeping friendships.

The sleep away summer camps offer children a growth oriented environment so they can enjoy their summer by encouraging them to develop and practice different skills. They are exposed to human characteristics that they can adapt from mentors. The counselors are carefully selected to help give them the best counsel they need as they grow. The influence they make helps change the child’s way of thinking, behavior, and attitude toward their surroundings. Moreover, the children are given the opportunity to connect and relate to their peers.

Sleep away summer camps expose children to a positive environment beyond the traditional school and the parent realm.

Opportunities abound to explore and test their creativity to help mold their critical thinking skills.

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