Why Start Looking for an Overnight Summer Camp Now?

What’s with all the rush? The fall season has just started; overnight summer camp won’t be happening any time soon. Try telling this to campers and staff members; for you to find out that they’ve been planning for the next overnight summer camp already– that they even started the countdown. To support that, there are even mobile apps that are specifically made for tracking time down. So, if you haven’t put much thought into this, we believe that you probably should.


Why? Basically, if your children have heard the idea of an overnight summer camp from their friends, then there’s a huge possibility that they’d love to experience this too. If he/she shows some interest, the it’s a perfect time to ask your child if he’d want to attend one next summer. Although summer is almost a year away, you have to consider that the holidays are just around the corner– which means you’ll be very busy the coming months and before you know it, it’s already summer!

For parents who are new to this, you’ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of overnight camps that already have opened enrollment for next year! Sounds a little too early and crazy? Not really; considering the fact that there are plenty of camps that operate at capacity enrollment every season. Wherein, the majority of their campers, usually of junior high and high school age are returning campers. Then, there are siblings of existing campers who get first priority during early registration. Once those spots are filled, the remaining slots would be given to new campers. There’s always a demand; that’s why being early is can be very helpful.

Premiere level overnight camps are usually the first choice of most campers and there’s a valid reason for that– this kind of camp takes great pride in the balance of personalities they assemble every summer.

What does this imply? Enrollment will be a little different– you won’t simply have to fill out a form, submit, and pay an application fee. There’s usually a screening process, giving you the assurance that you’re sending your child to an overnight summer camp where the staff members care a lot about them. They’re more than just staff members– they are a summer family for your children. It’s one of the things that often influence the parents to choose a particular summer camp. That means they are going to meet people who would care for them, as well as other children whom they will definitely have a great time with.

That said, even though the new school year is barely starting, we still believe that it’s still the perfect time to plan your child’s overnight summer camp. Talk with your child, and ask him to come up with a list of expectations for a summer camp. This would serve as your guide during research.

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