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The Camp Experts & Teen Summers Offers Free Advisory Service for Camp and Teen Programs
The Camp Experts & Teen Summers ( provides parents and families with a free advisory service that’s dedicated to matching families with the ideal camp or teen program.


(New York, NY) The Camp Experts & Teen Summers announced today an aggressive campaign to recruit a significant number of additional summer camp & teen summer advisors. The multi-media campaign will focus on attracting stay-at-home-elementary school mothers. “This campaign is designed to support our company growth and maintain our well-earned status as the premier summer camp and teen program advisory service worldwide,” stated The Camp Experts & Teen Summers spokesperson Jack Driben.

According to the leading summer camp association, there are approximately 7,000 overnight camps and 5,000 day camps in the United States, which equates to more than a total of 12,000 camps. Each year, these camps are attended by over 11 million children and teens.

For many parents, the biggest challenge they face is finding the right camp program for their child. With so many options, this can be an overwhelming process. To help minimize the stress associated with choosing the right camp program for a child or teen, The Camp Experts and Teen Summers offers a free advisory service.

“At the Camp Experts & Teen Summers ( our team works to help match families with the best camp or teen program options nearby, or far away, for their children or teenagers,” stated The Camp Experts & Teen Summers spokesperson Jack Driben. “We have personally researched and assessed more than 1,000 summer camps and teen programs around the world and look forward to being able to share this information with families searching for the perfect summer experience.”

The Camp Experts & Teen Summers is a company with more than 30 years of experience in this field. The professional consultants know how to listen and understand a family’s needs, helping them locate the camp location and program that best suits their child or teen. The organization takes pride in providing guidance to families searching for programs that will fulfill their requirements, including location, price, and any other special conditions.
“Our job is to create the best fit between Summer Camp or Teen Summer Program and your child,” continued Driben. “Each summer our advisors tour the camps and the various teen programs while they are in session. We know the staff and what makes each camp or teen program special. After completing our on-site visits, we travel home, taking along the information needed to make recommendations for every type of child and their unique needs.”

Additional information about the services offered by The Camp Experts & Teen Summers can be found by reaching out to our professional team or by visiting our website at .


With more than 30 years of experience, the professional consultants at The Camp Experts & Teen Summers help to provide families with the information they need to make the right decision about the summer program that best suits their child’s or teen’s needs.

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