• You are now 2 for 2. Last year you helped us pick a sleep away camp for our younger son. He loved it as you know (and just completed his second summer there), but we had made the mistake of picking a sleep away camp for my older son based on a relative’s recommendation (and without checking with you). Unfortunately, while a nice, well known camp, it was a terrible fit for him and he had to come home early. This year with your advice, he had a great time at the new camp. In fact, even though we initially had signed him up for two weeks, at the end, he wanted to extend and then stayed for another two weeks. He was even thinking that he might have wanted to stay longer and is already asking to go back for next summer. What a difference! Thank you again so much for your help with selecting camps for both kids.

    Ellen and David Westchester, NY
  • Thank You Camp Experts!!!!! Amazing, thanks a million. Rachel is beyond happy. I am missing her but she is doing wonderful. Not one complaint. The camp has been perfect and is like a well oiled, loving machine. Rachel is in heaven this summer. Thank you for your guidance. We made the right choice hands down!!!!

    Ben Manhattan, NY
  • Eliza is doing great and loving camp. She is very happy at her new summer camp. Thanks for checking in! So appreciative for all that you have done.

    Leah Manhattan, NY
  • Our son’s first year at sleep-away camp was a disaster. We did the research of camps on our own, and found out the hard way that we picked the wrong camp for our child. We were not the camp experts. Luckily, a friend referred us to “The Camp Experts.” Their name describes exactly what they are — experts. We discussed with them our problems from the first camp and they figured out exactly what type of camp would best suit our son. They were correct and he had the best summer ever. He is returning again next summer, and we are now sending our daughter too. We don’t know why anyone, who is sending their child to summer camp, would not use this service. It is a win-win situation. Thanks a million!

    Jill and Evan Westport, CT
  • Who knew there was so much to experience during the summer? From when the girls were little until their high school years, you have always led us in the right direction. Loving your 3 Year High School Plan. Each year has been better than the last. We are only going with a program sanctioned by you. You have steered us right for many summers.

    Gary Plantation, FL
  • Samantha attended a summer camp last year. My husband and I should have gotten advice as she never wanted to go back to sleep away camp again. The Camp Experts helped us correct our mistake. Samantha, after much prodding from Jeffrey and I, tried another summer camp which was carefully chosen by the Camp Experts and us. The Camp Experts understood the best summer camp for Samantha, even though the first time around Jeffrey and I did not. It was hard to get her to come home. Thank you!!

    Rachel and Jeffrey Scarsdale, NY