What To Bring For Overnight Camp

Your child is headed for overnight camp and excitement is high! Everyone is anxious to fill the trunk and load up the car with luggage. First, take a step back and get organized. No camper wants to reach their cabin and discover a long list of forgotten items. On the flipside, personal storage units in camp bunks are usually skimpy, so it’s also crucial not to overpack!


Sturdy and Practical Clothes Are the Name of the Game

Envision hiking over rocky cliffs or sliding down a muddy mountainside. Good ‘ole denim jeans are most reliable, and a necessity for the tough outdoor challenges of camp life. For regular days spent walking around the campgrounds, t-shirts and sporty shorts will do the job. Choose t-shirts with appropriate images or logos, and shorts with pockets are always helpful for toting useful gear around. Bring a few long sleeve t-shirts for chilly days and evenings, as well as a cotton sweater or insulating sweatshirt.



Overnight Camp Location Influences Your Packing Decision

If the overnight camp is set in the mountains, night hours can be drastically cooler than daytime. In addition to a few sets of summer sleepwear, it’s also advised to bring some warm pj’s or sweatpants. To walk back and forth between the cabins and the showers, a terry cloth cover-up or robe is perfect.

Some overnight camps feature a formal dance or banquet, which means that dress clothes should be on your packing list. Religious services are another reason to pack dresswear, and don’t neglect to bring coordinating items – such as fancier shoes, a matching tie, belt, and other decorative fashion accessories.

Leave the fancy footwear at home and pack at least one pair of trusty sneakers. If your camper will partake regularly in a specific sport, such as basketball or field sports, specialized sneakers or cleats may be needed. Flip-flops and sandals are good for treading around the camp grounds. Waterproof hiking boots are a worthwhile investment if your camp plans to trek on challenging trails.

The Overnight Camp Environment Has an Impact

A selection of swimsuits is an absolute must for camp survival. Depending upon the type of water activities or sports your child will be participating in, a racing suit may also be needed. Goggles help prevent eye irritation from heavily chlorinated pools. Don’t forget to bring at least two UV protective swim shirts to overnight camp too, they work wonders against strong and harmful sunrays. On the topic of protection against the sun and heat, sun hats and sunglasses are ideal camp accessories.

Although all kids at overnight camp keep their fingers crossed for great summer weather, rainy days are inevitable. A waterproof jacket that’s both insulated and breathable, will come in handy. A hooded raincoat, worn over a fleece vest or sweatshirt when the temperature dips, is another item that will be appreciated in wet weather.

As for undergarments, remember that camp laundry is not done as often as it is at home! Bring enough underwear and socks to last at least 1 and a half times the days between scheduled laundry services. Female campers should follow the same computation for how many bras to bring. Male campers should consider packing athletic supporters (jock straps) for energetic sports, in addition to regular underwear.

Linens are supplied by some overnight camps, whereas other camps instruct children to bring all bedding and towels from home. Read the camp info packet well to confirm what your child will need. For camping out on the ground, a sleeping bag and/or bedroll is your child’s best bet.

Follow these basic guidelines and pay close attention to advance info distributed by your overnight camp. Then your camper will arrive with all the right stuff for a stupendous and successful summer!