What Is A Sleepaway Camp?

Living together in a cabin with other kids, surrounded by trees, dirt, buzzing bugs, and loads of fun and action… it must be sleepaway camp!

Many children journey to sleepaway camp for a few weeks or longer each summer. This experience provides an invaluable opportunity to bunk with other campers and counselors, generally in a woodsy location. Campers develop a new appreciation for the wide outdoors while working on novel skills, such as archery, horseback riding, and how to build a roaring campfire. Swimming in a pool or lake, hiking over rocky terrain, team competitions, camp dances, and just about every type of group activity can be an active part of sleepaway camp!



At Sleepaway Camp, Children Learn to Live Independently

…away from parents and family. In addition, they are taught important life lessons on how to get along and manage as an individual within the greater group. From the most simple task, such as sweeping the floor, to more complex jobs like coordinating a day trip or planning and preparing food for a camp banquet, campers work together. The social environment creates lifetime bonds and warm memories for many campers. It’s no wonder that many adults still wax nostalgic years later about some of the best days of their life spent at summer camp.


The Camp Experts & Teen Summers Can Help You Navigate

The Camp Experts & Teen Summers can help you navigate through the wide array of sleepaway camps out there. Free of charge, consultants will listen to your needs and point you towards suitable summer camps for your child. Every camper is unique and every family has their own preferences, including co-ed vs. single gender or religious vs. secular camp programs. With so many incredible and diverse summer camps out there, there’s no shortage to choose from!

Specialty Camps Offer More Focused Programming

Specialty camps that offer more focused daily programming are a popular option for many families. While physical activities and competitive games are featured at most sleepaway camps, sports camps make a good match for particularly athletic children. Brainy kids who are always looking to increase their knowledge and skills may want to attend an academic summer camp with computer, science, or math classes. Budding musicians or actors and actresses will be attracted to one of the winning performing arts camps. If your child enjoys a specific hobby, it may be worthwhile to search for a sleepaway camp that will enhance his or her talent.

Use of personal electronic devices is usually prohibited or discouraged, so the campers learn to create their own fun and entertainment with only each other as accessories! Spending every waking and sleeping moment in the company of other campers and staff forges a one-of-a-kind camaraderie. While your child may be hesitant initially to leave all of his or her familiar comforts for the summer, when it’s time to pack the bags and head home at the end of the session, most campers are already counting the days until sleepaway camp next year!