What Do You Do at Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway camp is a way for kids to spend a week or more, days and nights, totally immersed in a summer camp environment. Filled with fun and friends, there are many different types and styles of sleepaway camp. Depending upon your interest, the programming may be more conventional with a varied mix of swimming, drama, sports and crafts. There are also specialized camps, with a focus on one type of sports, or computers, or music. Yet no matter which camp, the chance to join together with other kids and enjoy an amazing summer while also developing independence is the same everywhere.


Sleepaway Camp vs Day Camp

The main difference between sleepaway camp and day camp is that you don’t come home every night! After your parents drop you and your bags off, the initial adjustment to camp may be a bit difficult. It can take some time to get used to your bunkmates and counselors. You’ll spend every waking and sleeping minute in the company of others, and everyone is responsible to keep the cabin neat and clean. Meals are generally eaten in a communal dining hall, with late night bbq’s and campfires as another source of entertainment!


Types of Sleepaway Camps Vary Greatly

Your camp will send an information packet in advance of the summer, so you know what to pack and what to expect. Read it well! There’s not much room for personal items in camp cabins, so pay close attention to the suggested packing list, if one is provided. You’ll need to bring clothing, linens (unless your camp provides them) and toiletries. While food is provided, pocket money is good to have around for snacks and other little extras. There will also be a questionnaire for you to fill out, and a health form for your doctor to complete and certify. Be sure to mention any special concerns you may have.

Sleepaway camps may be single gender or coed with separate sleeping cabins. Some of the all girls’ and all boys’ camps have a brother-sister relationship, where they meet up for events or dances.

The staff at sleepaway camp are there for you to depend upon. These counselors, usually older teens, are in charge of keeping you safe and busy! They’ll plan super activities and organize the day and night schedule. The staff, including the camp director, also set the rules and safety regulations to be followed and taken seriously. A camp nurse and/or doctor will be in attendance in the event of sickness or injury.