7 Great Benefits for Teens Attending Camp

Deciding what to do for the summer was simple when your kids were young. You’d pick a camp, send them off for 6-8 weeks of fun, then go about the rest of your summer.

You may think that you need to change the summer routine for teenagers, but if you want your teen to have a happy and productive summer, you should keep sending them to camp.

The benefits of camp don’t stop once you turn 13. The truth is that a lot of teens would benefit from the structured and nurturing environment camp provides.

Read on to learn why you and your teen should be excited for camp this summer!

The Benefits of Camp: 7 Reasons Why Your Teen Should Attend

Most teens would probably choose to spend most of their summer glued to their phones and computers. This is why it’s important for parents to set them up for success by signing them up for camp.

If you’re on the fence about sending your teen to camp this summer, you’ll be rethinking their summer plans once you read all of the reasons why they should attend.

1. Nurture Their Interests

Has your teen expressed an interest in learning how to code? Does your son love to spend time creating art? Is your sports-loving daughter disappointed about having to wait until fall to play on a team?

If your kids have an interest in it, there’s a camp for it! Camps are an excellent way to let your child explore the hobbies they’re most interested in.

Your teens can be so busy with their usual homework, projects, and extracurriculars during the school year. They won’t have the time to explore their interests in a meaningful way, but they’ll have a lot of time in the summer.

2. Make New Friends Outside of School

Today’s high-tech high schools may look completely different from the setups most parents are used to. If there’s one thing about high school that hasn’t changed over the years, it’s the promise of drama and cliques.

It can be easy to think that socializing will always be this way, and camp can be a much-needed break in their routine.

Letting your teen attend camp can break them out of the usual cycle of drama and labels they experience during the school year. They’ll be able to have a fresh start, and can test out their social skills in a new environment.

3. Learn Teamwork

If your teen has trouble working in groups, camp could be just what they need to learn the best way to work alongside others. They could learn how to work with other people, and could even find that they have a knack for leadership.

Group projects are designed to teach kids how to work together, but a high stakes situation where you’re being graded may not be the best learning environment.

Instead of having to work together on a presentation, your teen can learn teamwork from putting on a fun end of summer show or trying to win a friendly relay race.

4. Brush Up on Life Skills

If your teens had to go through their usual daily routine without you present, how well would they do?

Camp can give your kid the freedom to make their own decisions in a structured environment. If they’re in trouble they’ll have someone they can contact for help. But ultimately, self-care and maintenance will be up to them.

You may end up pleasantly surprised with your teen after a summer at camp. All of a sudden you won’t have to constantly remind them to set their alarm, brush their teeth, or get into the shower on time.

5. Unplug (Literally)

We know that the world is a very different place now and that technology plays a significant role in everyone’s lives. Your teen uses their phone, computer, and gaming devices to connect with friends and interact with their world.

It can be difficult for parents to make a reasonable argument to keep electronics from kids during the school year. They’ll need the computer for school, and if all of their friends are online, you can’t tell them to hang out in person.

Tech is an important part of life, but that doesn’t make it the only part of it. Camp can be a great opportunity for your teen to finally unplug and have some rewarding real-world interactions.

Your teen will have tons of activities to do when they’re at camp that can serve as a welcome distraction from screens.

6. Get Some Exercise

Almost anywhere you look, there’s a story about the worrying lack of physical activity today’s average teens get. Gym class isn’t enough to keep kids active, and thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to not be physical enough.

Even if you send your kids to a technology-based camp, they’ll still be much more active at camp than they would be at home.

Camp provides great opportunities for passive physical activity. Simply walking to different places at camp can be a nice change in physical routines to someone that’s used to driving everywhere.

7. Gain Perspective

If you’ve lived in the same town since your teen was born, they may assume that everyone lives the same way they do. Their hometown serves as their blueprint to life, and gaining some outside perspective can be very helpful.

Believing that everyone has the same motivations and access to money, food, and education can make it hard for your teen to empathize with other people. This lack of empathy and insight can make it hard for them to grow up.

Sometimes simply just talking to a kid from a different town can help your teen think about things differently. They can learn real empathy for others, and see how many great people there are in the world.

Find Your Camp Today

The benefits of camp are too numerous to ignore. Your teen could spend their summer learning important skills, meeting new friends, and could even leave with a better understanding of themselves and the world at large.

Now that you know that camp is a great idea for your teen, it’s time to find the right one to send them to!

If there’s one thing we know here, it’s great camps. Contact us today so we can help you find the best camp for your teen.

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