Does It Really Matter – Part 2

1. Our professional team is built from a diverse background of mothers, former campers, counselors, and families. We pride ourselves for our unbounded enthusiasm and passion about our work. The positive energy we resonate makes us feel like trusted companions as we search for the perfect match for your child.

2. We are thankful and honored by the thousands of parents who have complimented our responsiveness to their needs. Being parents, we too understand that when it comes to matters dealing with your children, you would like to consult a caring, qualified professional to help you make your decision. You have the unique opportunity to work one on one with a Camp Expert Advisor who will help you find the right summer experience for your child.

3. We tailor our services to suit each individual child. With laser-like focus, we ask all the relevant questions to make sure we truly understand you and your child’s needs. We take pride in being good and attentive listeners.

YES, It Really Does Matter!!!