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teen leadership summer camps best girls leadership campsWhy go to a leadership camp or program?

Being a teenager is a very difficult time. There are amazing opportunities on offer but young teens can fail to take advantage of them, whether that be performing well in class, participating in team sports or joining new groups. Often the core reason can be a fear of failure and looking silly or stupid in front of their friends.

Leadership summer camps or programs help students have a more positive and open attitude towards new and unknown things. Working with experienced trainers and using interactive workshops and outdoor challenges, students learn the value of hard work. They confront their fears through trying new things. Students learn how to strive to do their personal best, to be true to themselves and how to make a positive difference in their schools, clubs and communities. They grow in self confidence by living with other young leaders and working with them in small groups.

Following leadership camps, parents frequently report their children’s grades not only improve but that they are happier with themselves and engaging more with school and their peers in a more positive and constructive way.

Camp Experts works with a wide range of leadership programs, mainly for ages 15-18, although some run as young as primary school. Some are traditional camps, others residential programs and/or conferences at major Universities. Some are single sex , others coed. Leadership is also a benefit that arises out of many community service programs. Leadership camps run in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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