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Every child is gifted. And it is important to help our children nurture their gifts as parents. If your child is gifted in singing, acting, or performing, we are here for you. A performing and visual arts camp is where your child should be enrolled for the summer. Performing arts summer camps are centered around developing a child’s talents.

The Performing Arts Camp programs work to motivate and inspire children and teenagers to perfect their passions and gifts. Through the coaches and the performing arts activities, each camper works to improve their talents during the summer camp.

For children interested in visual arts campers they look forward to sharpening their skills in:visual-arts-camp-painting
• Drawing
• Painting
• Sculpting

For our young performers, their talents are developed through coaching in:
• Acting
• Singing
• Dancing
• Set designing
• Staging and so much more

The performing and visual art camp programs are facilitated by professional artists and actors. The summer camps employ classes, workshops, and practicals as the main modes of teaching. Campers also get individual time with the coaches as a way to build on their individual gifts. It is through this kind of teaching that we believe we enable the raising of the next generation of performers.

In every activity, the children are encouraged to express themselves and explore their creativity. Throughout the summer camp period, campers also have opportunities to showcase their talents to audiences every so often. We believe this to be the perfect way to build their confidence as well as feel appreciated.

During the summer camp, your young artists learn to work with various mediums such as gouache, clay, oil paint, charcoal, and watercolor. The campers interested in performing arts will how to employ new techniques in plays and recitals. As well as designing costumes, handling lighting and so much more. At the end of the summer, the skills acquired will surely stand out.

performing-arts-camp-danceThe performing and visual arts programs offered in our summer camps create a safe environment for children to discover more about their gifts. Interacting with like-minded campers provides the opportunity for your child’s passion to grow. And maybe pick up a new interest. But most of all we also provide the opportunity for your child to be seen by scouts in various fields. The door to their future could just be with us.

We also offer Magic camps, Music camps, Circus camps and Dance camps. For more information, our advisors at the Camp Experts and Teen Summers can be of great help. Whatever your child is interested in we will find the perfect summer camp for them.