Does It Really Matter – Part 1

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1. We are available year around to relieve your stress from the awesome decision you must make for your child. You will have full access to our research-obsessed team of translators, navigators, coaches, and counselors that will help you in selecting the perfect summer experience. Oh, did you realize that we have been providing this service for 25+ years… FREE OF CHARGE.

2. Our expertise has been passed down for generations and we wish to share it with you as well. We strongly believe that a wonderful summer experience has the power to create everlasting memories and friendships while at the same time providing a strong foundation for your child’s growth and development.

3. We strongly advocate independence. Summer months that are enjoyed away from home allow children to experience the freedom and space they require to form a sense of identity and navigate through real-life experiences and responsibilities.

YES, It Really Does Matter!!!

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