College Credit

Taking a college level course in the United States during the summer is a great way to build your CV for University, even if you don’t intend to study in America. You get a taste of what University is like, both academically and socially. You can explore an area of interest in depth which can reinforce your A Level, International Baccalaureate or Advanced Placement studies.

If you do want to study in the United States, you can gain college credit for many of these courses which means you have fewer credits to earn towards your degree when you enroll.

In all cases, there will be resident staff in place to help students and ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. Students doing college credit programs live together on a site usually on campus (but occasionally off) which offers security, social and educational benefits.

Camp Experts can help you find the right course for you at a wide variety of US campuses as well as at programs run by American Universities in Europe and Asia.


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