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Best Summer Specialty Camps for Kids

Whatever the interest of your child, there is probably a special focus camp for them. Specialty camps’ strength is their dedicated focus on the featured activity. Large parts of the day are spent on the specialty the camper is interested in. However, kids are kids and too much time on one activity can lead to boredom. There is always time given over to other activities, such as sports and free time games. How much time is spent on the specialty varies by camp as some will dedicate a whole day, others a morning or afternoon with the rest of the time taken up by other activities. Evenings and weekends will feature a wide range of different activities to ensure the campers are busy and happy.

Specialty camps are found in a huge variety of locations, from rural to inner cities.

Types of Specialty Camp Activity Focus
(not an exhaustive list)*

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* Types of Focus of some camps recommended by Camp Experts.
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