Language Enrichment

The very best way to truly learn a language is to live in the country or, if that is not possible, to learn it in an intensive language immersion course ideally between 3 and 6 weeks.

Camp Experts represents a huge variety of programs both in-country and intensive courses elsewhere. These are found in Europe, North, South and Central America and in Asia. Students can choose from camping, home stay programs or residential boarding schools.

Language instruction can be combined with sport, arts, music and other fun filled activities as well as cultural immersion. Some courses can also be combined with community service programs.

These courses are often offered not only in the summer but also during the autumn and winter half terms and during the Easter breaks. These language immersion programs are ideal for improving GCSE/A Level/IB and AP grades.

Languages taught at programs we represent include:

– French
– Spanish
– German
– Italian
– Dutch
– English
– Mandarin Chinese
– Russian
– Hebrew
– Japanese

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