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Best Traditional Camps for Kids

find summer traditional camps for kids near meTraditional camps’ unique distinguishing characteristic is that they offer an enormous amount of activities. Most will have a huge variety of sports on offer, a lake or ocean with water based activities and a huge range of arts and crafts. Most emphasize the opportunity to focus on building the individual and on harmony with nature.

Traditional camps usually have their own countryside campus with permanent buildings and a full-time staff. Accommodation will range from tents to cabins with en-suite facilities. Bedding can range from sleeping bags to bunk beds with mattresses and sheets. Campers eat together in large dining halls where food is usually served cafeteria or family style (where groups sit together and children fill their plates from platters that everyone shares).

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Each camp also have their own unique activities and games. Some may be arts focused with a wide variety of different visual and performing arts for campers to choose from. Others may have added extras like horseback riding, circus skills, climbing walls or yoga. Some will be competitive with inter-camp teams. Others are deliberately not competitive.

best summer sports and overnight camps for kids and teensEvery traditional camp will have its own set of songs and ceremonies that give the camp a special and distinctive character. Many of these camps will have been around for generations and several are still family run. This history will be incorporated into the special camp traditions that leave campers feeling as if they have been part of something special.

The advantage of traditional camps over specialty camps is that campers have a real chance to try things that are new and different and spend their summer in the great outdoors.

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