The Psychological Benefits of Overnight Summer Camp

Youth Development and Overnight Camp

It is natural for parents to want the best for their children. Success, happiness, good health, acceptable social skills, independence through critical thinking and other problem-solving skills are essential for a child’s growth. In short, the overnight camp experience provides all the integral building blocks and the ideal environment, a home away from distractions and the city environment.

Dr. Peter Scales, a noted psychologist, educator, and author says that camp is a special place where young people can thrive in terms of physical endeavors, creative pursuits and social participation, something that most schools aren’t able to provide.

Child development leaders have been stating the importance of overnight camp in today’s society, and how group living and camp activities steeped in a natural camp environment can facilitate a healthy, successful and fun development on a daily basis. Children interact with responsible adults and have plenty of time to relax, to talk, and just reflect. They work with their peers, take responsibility, gain self-confidence, self-reliance, independence, pursue creative skills, all of which contribute immensely to a child being healthy on all aspects.


What The Experts Say About Overnight Camp

Child development professionals recognize overnight summer camp as an invaluable tool in helping children grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially upright. It is generally understood that the building blocks of self-esteem is made up of contributing, learning, and belonging. These three vital components that children need can be formed in overnight camp, beyond the four corners of school and even beyond home.

Dr. Michael Popkin, founder of Active Parenting and family therapist, says that camp’s greatest benefit is perhaps its ability to let young people find and cultivate their interests, value and talent. This is something that current educational institutions won’t fully satisfy. Children who undergo and acquire all these things will be better prepared and are healthier overall.

Dr. Peter Scales, Senior Fellow of Search Institute and noted educator/author, says that camp teaches children how to solve their own problems, interact with fellow peers and adjust socially, learn how to take responsibility, and acquire new skills, increasing their self-esteem in the process.


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3. We are ambassadors of independence. Summer may be fun to spend at home, but summer spent outside can provide children the freedom and space they sorely need to gain real-life experiences, responsibilities and a sense of identity.

4. We are a group of moms and former campers, camp directors and counselors, and we are passionate about our work. Our personal touch is what makes us trusted friends whom you can trust instead of just a hired team out to find a camp for you.

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9. We are a year-round resource that is always available. We can help you prepare for a fantastic summer in the best way possible- fun, friendly, and with personality to match. Preparing for summer doesn’t have to be an exhausting and overwhelming task. Just leave it to us, and you’ll be happy that you did.

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