Why Summer Overnight or Day Camp This Year?

Summer camp programs give teenagers an opportunity to
have fun, live in a community setting, grow as individuals, and learn to
accept responsibility. The programs help young people mature, gain
knowledge on how to get along with others, and share their own experiences.


Camp professionals have many years of experience and have seen summer camps evolve. They usually adjust their existing programs, styles and sessions so as to meet the modern wide range of interests. The camps have a variety of options which can certainly guide you to finding the ideal fit based on your children’s interests.

Overnight Camp vs Day Camp

At some summer camps, campers go home each night; however some camps provide facilities that allow campers to stay overnight. Other camps allow for both overnight and day campers. Residential camps that have overnight facilities are sometimes referred to as overnight camps.

Children who attend a traditional day camp are normally given the opportunity to experience different types of sports activities. But if your child beats to a different drum and he/ she wants to specialize in a specific field, overnight camps will typically offer adequate exposure to the various fields of interest.

Some of overnight camps take alternative directions from the traditional camp know-how. They usually emphasize individual growth and development, but de-emphasize
competition. Most of them still offer traditional activities although they have improved their programs to incorporate other activities such as karate, magic, aerobics, and photography.

In most overnight camps, supervisors or counselors are assigned to small groups of campers participating in various activities as a group. These activities include
swimming, hiking, campfires, nature lore, arts and crafts, and canoeing.

The overall supervision of the children is usually done by older camp directors that have an extended term affiliation with the summer camp. The camp staff professionals organize preparations of facilities and even supplies for the camp season. They also supervise the overall maintenance of the camp during the off-season. The directors generally carry out the hiring of seasonal supervisors, counselors, support staff, instructors during job fairs that are often held on college campuses.

The modern summer camp opportunities typically range from 1 to 8 weeks for those seeking alternatives to traditional camp experience. There is a variety of programs emphasizing art, dance, and musical instruments. The kids can improve their computer skills, ride horses, and also interact with nature.

Teen Summer Programs

Teen summer camp programs can be academic or educational related. Teenagers can be exposed to nutrition, language, and SAT reasoning tests which are a part of a mixture of academic learning summer fun. The SAT preparation is usually offered as a comprehensive morning immersion while the afternoons and evenings are geared towards recreational activities.


If your child is not interested in bunk living, there are various alternative programs and living conditions. Generally, the camp costs are not prohibitive because many are more affordable compared to family vacations.

Without a doubt, finding the right camp is time consuming and difficult. The professionals at the Camp Experts & Teen Summes provide complimentary, expert information on any program for your child, given his/her particular interest or need.

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