Providing Summer Sleepaway Camps & Teen Program Advice

Want to give your children a summer of fun, adventure and fantastic friends? How about an experience so rewarding that it will never be forgotten? Summer camp is so much more than a way to beat the heat! The right camp or teen program creates memories that will forever bring a smile to your child’s face.


Sleep away camps, overnight camps, day camps or specialty programs, we’ll help you place your child in the ideal camp or teen program. We know the questions to ask, and we have the answers you seek.


THE CAMP EXPERTS & TEEN SUMMERS acts to understand your children and your distinct needs. With a representation of over 1,000(!) worldwide camps and summer programs, we’ll match your family up with the overnight camps and teen summer experiences that fit best.

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5 reasons to choose The Camp Experts & Teen Summers:


We are the experts
providing the best
guidance for you


We are unbiased and
provide you with
accurate information


We travel each summer
to provide updated
and information


We have 30 offices
throughout the world
helping to guide you


We offer FREE advisory
services for you and
your children

We've Done the Research

A camp picture may be worth a thousand words, but a first-hand view is worth way more! Every summer, we pack our gear and tour the camps while they’re in session. We explore the ins and outs. We get to know the staff and what’s special about each camp. Once we finish our recon, we travel home equipped with the info needed to make recommendations for each unique child.

FREE DVDs & Brochures

With a firm grasp on your requirements and who your children are, we’ll customize suggestions for either day camps, sleepaway camps, specialty programs or teen summer experiences. But don’t just take our word for it! We back up all our counsel with loads of promotional materials for you to dive into. Investigate each summer camp for yourself too, and we’ll journey together to reach the ideal camp.

National Recognition

Voices from all over America have praised THE CAMP EXPERTS & TEEN SUMMERS for our professional expertise. With infinite summer camps to choose from, we’re pleased to be the leading authority on guiding children of all ages into the appropriate program. Our quotes have been featured in radio and TV interviews, and in “The Wall Street Journal”, “International Herald Tribune”, and the “New York Times”, amongst other national magazines. While it feels great to be acknowledged publicly for our skill, the best approval comes from hearing children cheer about their amazing summer camp experiences!