Don’t Want Your Teen Wasting the Summer Away? Consider These Types of Summer Camps They Might Enjoy

It might be cold now, but the summer months will soon be upon us in all their humid glory. That means a lot more free time for your child, free from the confines of the schoolhouse.

However, if you don’t plan for all that free time wisely, you might find your child wasting away indoors. It’s easy for teens to get stuck behind their phone or the computer if they aren’t pushed to have more meaningful life experiences.

Pushing them to pick out one or two cool summer camps to enroll in can completely change their summer experience. If you’re not sure what types of summer camps to suggest, then you should look into the few we’ve suggested below.

Traditional Summer Camp

There’s nothing wrong with embracing the classic American feel of a traditional summer camp experience, and your children might certainly agree. If you think your kids could use a little bit of time in nature, the classic sleepaway camp experience could be the way to go.

You know what you’re getting into here: cabins, campfires, and canoes on a lake. These camps have long histories and rich traditions, and your children can take part in the same kind of activities that you might have even done yourself in the previous years of your youth.

Now, this kind of camp setting won’t be for everyone. For some kids it can be a thrilling chance to meet others and have a one-of-a-kind life experience. For others, especially those less socially-minded, it can be anxiety-inducing and painful. You and your child will have to make that judgment call on your own.

These traditional camps can last anywhere from a week to the whole summer, so you should be able to find something that fits your scheduling needs.

Faith-Based Camps

Want to use the summer allowing your child to get a little closer to God? There are plenty of summer camps that will allow them to do just that.

Faith-based camps are almost as old and storied as the traditional camps themselves, and often have a large amount of overlap in terms of vibes and activities. Many faith-based camps still feature those same cabins and canoes: but they also feature plenty of talk about God, prayer, and the importance of virtuous living.

There are many Jewish and Christian camps, but you can likely find a summer camp out there for whatever religion you practice. The amount of religion-based activities will vary from camp to camp. One camp might believe in hours of scripture study while another might insist on just a simple prayer before meals are served.

Your child may even be able to pick up a couple new skills while spending time at faith-based camp. Many camps prioritize singing and playing instruments as a form of worship, and allow opportunities for kids to learn these new skills.

If you want a camp experience you can ensure will be a positive influence on your child, faith-based camps can be the way to go.

Film-Making Camp

Today, cameras and video-making technology are more affordable and accessible than ever before. Still, it can take some time and practice to get a handle on the art of movie-making. If your son or daughter has dreams of becoming the next Barry Jenkins or Greta Gerwig, enrolling them in a film-making summer camp might be a way to start honing their storytelling skills.

These camps offer more than one benefit: they give your child the skill they need to put together video projects, something that remains in high demand out there in the real world. It will also allow them to have a ton of fun, creating their own adventures, monster movies, ninja fights, or whatever else might spring to their imagination.

You’ll get to take home a timeless memento of their experience at camp with their final movies. Who knows, when your child wins the Oscar sometime in the year 2050, you’ll have that movie to look back on and laugh.

Sports Camps

If your child is a natural-born athlete, it can be well worth sending them to a camp where they can continue to strengthen their physical resolve and skill. Summer is the perfect time to play sports, where the warm weather and clear skies provide a perfect opportunity.

There are camps out there for all kinds of sports and practices, from the expected options like soccer or basketball to more unorthodox options like water polo and martial arts.

Your kid doesn’t have to be proficient in the sport to take part in the summer camp experience either. Plenty of sports camps are set up to get first-time players into the fold. So if there’s a sport your kid has an interest in but they aren’t sure how to play, this is the perfect opportunity.

They could become early tennis or golf adopters, or take on surfing if you live near the beach. Any possibilities can become realities with their whole summer ahead of them.

Cool Summer Camps For Your Children

If you want to ensure your kids have a memorable summer, the best thing you can do is look into cool summer camps to enroll in. The above types are just a few hopping off points you can use to explore what kind of camp might interest your son or daughter.

Whether you’re sticking with their interests or expanding their horizons, they should have an amazing time. Worried about what you’ll do with them gone? Keep reading our blog for advice.

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