How to Choose the Best Summer Camp For Your Teen

Are you part of the large group of parents who agree that teens spend too much time on video games? Putting your teen in good summer camps can help reduce their playing time. This also helps them take time away from screens and digital devices.

To convince your teens there’s more to life than Instagram and vlogging, sign them up for summer camp. It’s one way to get them to see life from a new point of view. However, it’s difficult to ensure the camp you choose is the best summer camp for your child.

Keep reading to learn how to choose a summer camp that best fits your child.

Conduct Research on the Best Summer Camp for Your Kid

Before you commit to anything, always research and make background checks. You can never go wrong with research, especially since you’re entrusting your child to the camp. Also, as a parent, you want to ensure your kid enters the best summer camp for him or her.

With each camp, look into what activities they focus on and offer. Check the prices, schedules, and accommodations. If you have concerns, shoot them an email or give them a call.

Don’t be afraid to talk to them. Even if you’re only asking about knowing if you can contact your child during the camp, ask away. Camps are often ready to answer any queries parents have.

One great way to do your research is online. Don’t go to the camps’ websites only. Look into forums for parents and read their reviews on the camp and its counselors.

Know What to Ask the Camp

Summer camp programs offer a variety of schedules and activities for the campers. Some programs last two weeks, while others last up to eight weeks. If you want to know, you can ask about the activities the kids will do during that time.

Are you worried about your child’s medications or specific needs? Inform camp directors about your kid’s dietary needs or medical conditions beforehand so they can keep an eye on your teen. If your child has special needs, camps for kids with special needs are available.

Set Your Expectations

What kind of camp setting and experience do you expect from the camp?

You and your teenager may have different expectations for summer camp. To avoid any surprises, set your expectations about summer camp. Talk about it and then check with the camp.

Studies found that 45% of teens say they are almost always online. Encouraging them to go to summer camp can reduce the time they spend online. If you want them to spend less time on their phones, find summer camps that don’t allow digital devices during camp activities.

Decide Between Day Camps and Overnight Camps

The second step is to decide between two summer camp options. Those are day camps and overnight camps.

Day camps are summer camp programs that last only during the day. Once it’s over, the campers get to go home. This schedule best suits younger children who live in the same locality.

Your teenager is better suited to experience an overnight summer camp. In an overnight camp, your teenager has to sleep in cabins provided on the campgrounds. They’ll stay there for the duration of the camp and go home only after the program is over.

Pick a Summer Camp Type

Before you find a summer camp, you need to know about your child’s interests. Talk to your child about what kind of summer camp program they want to attend. Some examples of the types of summer camps include leadership camps, academic programs, and art camps.

Is your kid interested in advancing his skills with a musical instrument or singing? Choose a music camp for the summer. If your kid is the athletic type, sign her up to an athletic camp or a summer program for specific sports.

Is your kid the adventurous type? Look for camps that feature expeditions or explorations. You can also look for summer camps for teens with special needs.

Let your child decide what is the best summer camp genre for them. This way, they know what to expect. They’ll also enjoy joining summer programs that focus on their interests.

Talk to Your Teenager

As we said earlier, ask your child what type of summer program they want to join. If your teenager already knows he or she wants to attend a summer sports camp, that’s good. If they’re unsure about what summer camp genre they want to attend, share your research with them.

If your teenager is anxious to go alone, tell them to talk about going to summer camp with their friends. This way, they have someone they are familiar with. With a friend to go with them, teens can find their comfort zone and get out of their shells faster.

Also, if your teenager is on his way to college, he might scoff at the mere mention of summer camp. Some teenagers think it’s childish to attend summer camp when they are older. If you want to encourage your child to attend summer camp, bring it up under a different name.

Call it a pre-college summer program or a summer academy. As a parent, you’ll know what term will tickle your child’s fancy. Use it to interest your teen before you start encouraging him or her.

Remember, the best summer camp for your kid is one he or she will enjoy best and learn from the most.

Give Your Teen the Best Summer Experience

That’s it for our guide on how you can put your child in the best summer camp.

If you’ve been to camp as a youth, you’ll remember some of the pros and cons of your old camper days. From experience, look for camps that don’t have the same disadvantages. Find those that offer the same (or better) benefits you got as a child.

Do you want your teenager to get a great summer camp experience? Let us know what you need or check our site for other content like this.

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